Arrival - ARVL - Share Chat

Hard to believe that Rivian opened up at 100$ per share. A new start up with a better share price than motor companies in business decades!!


Cause Amazon backing it 20% holding I think :thinking:

So anybody know why the extra drop today?

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So it’s because they are diluting shares or more coming out :thinking:

25,000,000 sounds like a big number but in reality will be 4% dilution.

That said the company will now have $250m in cash that they didn’t have before so other than some fee to the bankers they’re technically worth the same.


Well I thought the future looks promising especially about 3 weeks ago with the gains was making :kissing_heart:

Figures results was disappointing- but that insight above with little video was a nice look into things and I do see it being very Rosey​:rose::rose::rose:

With arrival you’re backing their idea to revolutionise the production line as much as you are with the vehicles - they go hand in hand. It’ll be a 5+ year hold if you’re up for a long wait.


I really like the company, I just really don’t like loosing so much money :joy: will try to buy the dip to level up a bit. This drop was a huge blow to my portfolio


Tbh I don’t mine a long wait it’ll be classed as saving just as long comes good :+1:t2::roll_eyes: the idea is great and I can see the next few years vehicles changing esp public transport

More sturdy than first thought which is always good

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Like @NeilB could be long time but if can afford to wait think it’ll be worth it :+1:t2::heart:


Been a bit of a double blow the past few weeks… Production delays & now share dilution.

Unfortunately, ARVL was one of my early investments … Meaning I went ‘all in’ too soon… I’ve since learnt patience & to stalk my prey better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do believe they will come up with the goods. We just need to see positive news on road testing and for vans to come off the production line in 2022.

In the mean time I expect the SP will remain around the $10- $13 mark. I’ll buy more at $10 to level out.




Agree entirely with this. Getting the van successfully launched will be a big milestone but the valuation is still pretty high given where they are in the journey. I’m going to watch closely and maybe build a position slowly if they keep making progress but don’t expect to see significant share price gains for a long while.

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Still on the way down. Nearly an all-time low? Is this a reaction to Rivian vans deal with Amazon? Something we don’t know? Any insight welcome.

Wow, that’s a drop but, great time to buy more :grin:

Well hello all time low of 9.90.

A bit of good news


This is still a reaction to the capital raise last week in my view and revised guidance that pushed back the date for expected deliveries of the van. Until they have product safely on the market with production going smoothly I suspect the SP will fall further. A lot of hype in the EV world but a lot of scepticism as well. The key thing differentiating Rivian and Lucid (in my view at least) is that they actually have products available and will be generating revenue. The rest, including Arrival, still have to complete their product development and successfully develop their production capacity. That is easier said than done in a market as tough as the auto industry. My plan is to wait until either the Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 earnings call and maybe average down then if things look good for start of production. Still very bullish about Arrival but I think it will be a while before we see the share price doing anything good.


Very true share price will rocket when they get into production how high do we see this going


Something in the news ? Dropping like flies