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Check the Dvla website. Its a Ligier. French company

Lots of decent press recently, but the market isn’t having it. I wonder what the threshold of “believability” is in terms of people’s DD to how many vehicles they need on the road /delivered / arrivaled. Can they do a Rivian and not a Nikola, I think so, but it’s going to be a long hold at this rate. Happy I’ve averaged down a bit today at 8% lower anyway.

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Ah sorry, the article I read said Paxter :roll_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Production due to start later this year so won’t be long until we find out! It’s took a battering today though.

If I had the cash today I’d be averaging down. Someone ding the “please stop here button”. :sweat_smile:

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Well that’s a blow. Listened to a man in Costa at the weekend talking Shares to his kids. He was asking what’s most important and relevant today. It came round to Deliveries and Electric cars. Tesla etc blown out. I then remembered a car mag discussing this company. I set my mind to buy some shares. Didn’t manage to get them early to day as was busy at work and they rise by 60c grr. Never mind I expect there is real potential here!

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To fair you haven’t missed out much I think many among myself bought when it was 16-18$ a share and have taken a massive drop. Wish I’d have bought now but instead I’ll just be waiting for a couple years instead.

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Still a really good purchase price. I see this being a £100 stock in 5 years time.

How many shares will be issued?

I averaged down twice with my last purchase at $7.88.
Top price was nearly twice that. I have expectations that a good turnaround will happen sometime this autumn when some deliveries start.
I also have BYD that has fallen in price but I have high hopes for that as well


It’s a long way way for good price my friend I had it when was $22 a share didn’t sell so plenty of time hopefully :+1:t2:


How low it can hit! I’m wondering if it’s worth topping up during this sale and average my current shares in red. For a very long time now, it was going constantly down… :point_down:t2:

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Question is where’s the bottom I’m thinking the same but think it’s looking towards 2025! If doesn’t go out of business? :thinking:

My thought exactly, every time I’ve bought they’ve continued to go down. They can’t possibly go much lower

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This is 1 of the companies I decided to start investing in shares for.
I have great hope if it can make it before it runs out of money.

If as they say they are comparable in price to a diesel van
If the top speed is 75mph as I have seen stated and not something like 50
If some countries for example Norway would invest in a micro factory, they would then be making there own vehicles, the micro factory idea could take off in many other smaller countries that have no current motor industry.
So get on with it Arrival

Don’t see what you want them to get on with tbh

Get on with partnerships and building micro factories all over the world

Ouch, ouch, ouch … Need some road testing news!

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