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Having fallen over 20% yesterday, the Arrival share price is staging a recovery today. The stock has soared 10% at the time of writing. The firm just announced its Q1 financial results and they have have resonated well with investors. Although the EBITDA loss increased on an annual basis to $67m, the company is starting to ramp up its start of production (SOP). The progress made thus far was also in line with guidance.

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Tbh I wouldn’t say it’s soaring? Lose 20% one gain 10% which that formula it’s only going one way

If it soared 30% today that’s a good result but I can put $1 on it? If it’s up today it will be red tomorrow :man_facepalming:

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Haha, yeah. It’s not soaring anymore after the Nasdaq decided to capitulate, causing the Arrival share price to lose all of its 12% gain earlier :joy:

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So what has actually happened this afternoon with NASDAQ and all other American stocks again mainly :roll_eyes:

Just your typical volatile day that involves fear of a potential recession ahead. This is exacerbated by the fear of a higher than expected CPI number tomorrow. Not helped by today’s economic data either, as both business and economic optimism also came in relatively low. Then there’s Peloton which capitulated once again. Essentially, Arrival could report a profit tomorrow and the share price would still tank. Hope that answers your question :joy:


Peleton is flying today :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Flying downward? Yes :joy:

Used to hold and sold at profit. Might place a limit order @ £1.50.

Are we talking about the same peleton? Cause when I seen it it was 8% up just freetrade getting the scales wrong again

A lot of stocks seem to be readjusting to pre pandemic levels. Whether this is due to interest rates, inflation, Ukraine/Russia war, China/lockdowns, Covid, or combination of all. Difficult time for investors. Though, I expect this to throw up some opportunities

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being new onto the thread and a humorous soul this was clearly a joke I am committed been buying on the dip every so often my average is 2.97 now that’s not so bad i don’t expect a thing for a long time i have the patience for the process but agree if you don’t then this isn’t the playground for you for sure !

Do you write for the motley Fool @Jthejellybean :thinking: is that why you optimistic :thinking::rofl:

Yes, I do. But no, that’s not necessarily why I’m optimistic. If you read my other articles, you’ll realise that I batter stocks more often than not.

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Must be an issue won’t let me view but I’ll have a look out for your reviews :+1:t2:

Cheers, Mike. Appreciate it.

Please delete if this has been posted before (I have a newborn in one hand!).

Found this was an enjoyable watch with plenty of new information that wasn’t public knowledge before:


Bit of an uplift today. Surprising but nice

Is this what we’ve been waiting for :crossed_fingers:t2:


I know it’s not a massive jump. But I’ll take it. 20-25% increase over the past few days. Not too shabby. I nearly dipped back in when it was 1.46 or similar. But I convinced myself not to be a sucker for punishment lol. My share price average is 1.76 on 260 shares. So not too bad. Could have brought that down a bit further. But couldn’t afford it. Oh well. Here’s to the SP continuing that upward trend. Especially in this current market


Curtis is back…video on Arrival