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Seen a small electric van in the road today. Tried to get the make buy short of tailgating, it wasn’t possible.

It wasn’t an arrival one, that I do know

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Aug 11 :grimacing:

Just some good vibes :crossed_fingers:


Nice to see some green on this!


Come on Arrival you can do it x


Arrival (NASDAQ:ARVL) slid in early trading on Friday morning after Financial Times reported the U.K. electric vehicle maker will pause its bus and car projects in order to save costs.

Sources indicated that Arrival (ARVL) will focus on the production of its electric van and will consider restarting electric car development in the future when revenue is streaming in.

Arrival (ARVL) is reported to have a goal to cut costs by 33%. About 800 jobs out of ARVL’s workforce of 2,700 are believed to be at risk.

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We knew that from Dec last year that they were cutting 30% of the work force. We also know that

first US plant would open later than expected

What was not so clear is that for the Bus project that

trials with potential customer First Bus pushed back.

Now the only job they have is

The start of van deliveries, expected in the third quarter, will help the business to begin generating its first revenues since it floated.

If that is delayed. Umm. But I hope for the investors :crossed_fingers:.

Half year earnings due next week - obviously they will just show burn (so perhaps no need to be too alarmed about them unless they show a burn rate above and beyond what they said before; but I don’t think they will be worse. That is the whole point of the workforce reduction).

quotes source


Was First Bus the only bus client ? Seems a shame after all the testing & certification to shelf it so soon.

I’ve always been invested because of the ‘Van’ fingers crossed SOP starts on time.

Roll on 11th August.


Good question @Optimisery.

I was under the impression that they had at least one other customer: the City of Anaheim and its public transport operator. If you aren’t a Mickey Mouse fan - well those buses were supposed to take you to Disneyland (and back, LoL). But the PR at the time said they were preparing to build buses (about a year ago?) rather than immediately deliver buses. So not clear if any money changed hands. One presumes with the latest announcements all that is on hold.


I’m not sure. I know the buses in my local area have all been moving to electric and already struck a deal for Yutong electric busses. They’ve already had them arrive and have been in service for a while now.

Yutong have a number of electric busses. I’d be interested to know what the costs look like for arrival compared to the competition.

I have a feeling bus companies are looking to switch out sooner than later. They won’t wait years for an untested bus. And once infrastructure is in will that add additional hurdles to switching out manufacturers?

Their vans I can see as being much more flexible as there’s a much larger market


Yes and I’ve seen 2 smaller electric vans so far. I think Arrival are so slow at getting things implemented.

Electric vans have been around for the past few years, only now have they become obvious, adding batteries and motors to an existing vehicle is easy, designing and building one from the ground up isn’t

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What happens on the 11th?

Earnings! Although today’s pop was due to a new US law with “more than $300 billion to support clean energy development”


Earnings call tomorrow :worried:

In the mean time:


I’ll read this later :relaxed:

That was painful to watch, 20 vans to UPS this year


Did sound like a good idea though. Better to duplicate something that’s perfected than try to fix multiple issues later on

Definitely, focus on the money maker especially when there’s no revenue coming in yet

I really hope it’s a case off ‘over deliver’ on the ‘under deliver’ news :slight_smile:

Can see the SP going very south now. Hold onto your hats!