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Ouch. Same here, my friend. I’m bearish at this point, but with Denis stepping aside and Avinash resigning today, hoping the new interim CEO will be able to help securing funding…


I only invested £100 and I’m now down £80, so I take the view that it’s worth just holding out, nothing really to gain from cashing in my £20 now, I would rather take my chances.


Same with me, lost around £600 and have £16 in value. Average price per share £10 :scream:

I am holding to see what happens, but I pretty much consider a total loss. My first big loss until now, even if not yet materialised.

On the bright side, I have definitely learned something from it.


Yep. Down a lot too. £5-6k. Have around 6000 shares. Just going to sit (pray) and see it pan out.

I wonder if the moves at the top of the business has anything to do with possible funding opportunities. One can only hope :slight_smile:


At -87%. Personally see no point in selling now, writing off 1500£. Anyway I’m more sad about the company failing than loosing money. It was sort of a pet stock for me, I just really liked the company and wished it would succeed.


Don’t lose all hope. There is still hope. Though, at present. Only a (fools) small hope. There is a lot of differing headwinds that are negatively impacting this business. Let’s see how the market/sentiment reacts to the recent developments at the top end of the business. Like you. I see no point in selling and firming in my losses. I’m prepared to see this through to whatever end. But that’s just my choice/decision. Everyone needs to do what is right by themselves.

For now. I will hold. Definitely not investing further at this time. Even though I could average down quite a lot at these current prices. In current climate. It just feels like I’d be throwing my hard earned money literally down the drain.

If this changes in the future. Then I may start to topping up.

Going to be an interesting 3-6 months.


Down about £1k, holding 1k shares.
Still hoping they get their game face on and smash it out the park.


Down about £1.1k not point in selling £77
I’ve worked out about 5 good night in Manchester is what I’ve lost :rofl:

Not happy with loss but what can you do?
Remember when it was $22 and had $5-$10 profit per share
Didn’t have high amount of shares or profit but profit is a profit remember that :pensive:


If this company gets sold off before delisting, what happens to the shares we own and is it based on their current market value or some other value?

Depends what the acquisition value per share is and how much the acquirer values the company. Could be based off book value, enterprise value, or some other calculation(s). We’ll get back our money in cash.

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Nice to hear I’m not alone in holding out for the long haul.
I’ve just under 500 shares now but going to hold long-term, 5+ years, and ill hold off buying more until I hear some good news.


2.5k shares. Either dead to me or a pleasant surprise one day. Have always believed in the principle, just terrible time, war covid etc. To be getting something off the ground.


I have 2967 shares so far down by £10k. Biggest shock of my investment path. I hope i get some relief over the time.


Ouch that makes me feel better. Only £1400 down. Bought after over hearing a Costa chat. What could go wrong​:rofl:. Really thought it would have legs though :roll_eyes: