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Mine shows this. Only on the 1 month view

How to lose £3000 with one simple trick

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? Umm what trick ?

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Just got halted on Nasdaq. Ran up to 4:20-30. Halted and straight down to 3:70. What the hell

Just another pump and dump?

Yeah looks like it

Could be. But there was no news or statements that I can find that triggered this. Arrival has had fairly positive week. Again. Not sure what triggered it all. Volume was insane.

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Road testing in Banbury


I don’t get the concept of the post sorry? Wasn’t this in places years ago and no is happening with this company is it? :thinking:

I think it’s to do with the van trial.

You can see the tracker on the home page. They need to accumulate 250,000km. Up to around 115,000 (46%)

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Arrival finally arrived at bankruptcy. I don’t think they will survive much longer, they are still trying to find capital to keep them afloat. It’s a shame really.

Hardy a surprise…

over £1bn losses since day 1 and no revenues…

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Just watched this new video by Tom Scott on an electric car company in Zermatt. Cars are forbidden there except a locally produced EV. They have been building these since 1985 (forst with lead batteries, now Li-ion) and they do it in a microfactory. They only produce 10-15 cars a a year at a cost of £140000 per vehicle. Expensive and slow, but if they can make it work, I wonder what Arrival has been doing for the past few years?

Saw this on sky.

Not sure whether good or bad news. Just something to share that has come out of late. As there has been very little


This has been a disaster from the start, the poor management, the huge huge cashburn, relentless raising of cash, move to the US, the merge with another spac etc… what a shambles. Glad i didnt get suckered into this one.

Be interesting to see Curtis (youtuber) take on things here with this company. Hes completely disappeared like the many Arrival bulls on youtube.