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Haha, is this company still alive. Talk about hanging on, should change the name to Survival. So now they have borrowed even more money in the hope of being bought out. Bonkers.


Well, I shall be holding on to my stake and if Arrival returns, Cool!
If it doesn’t, Shrugs!.. it is what it is and I’ve only lost £1100.

There is hope for this company if it has the right management and funding, though I’m prepared for losses!


There goes the USP

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I was going to post this. Well played from Hyundai

“Hyundai and Kia will leverage Arrival’s novel microfactories”

And all for just €100m.

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Hi @Alex7777 what’s USP? :thinking:

Unique selling point. The functions of your product that give it an edge over competitors.

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Hi can someone explain why my shares have gone down to 4 shares @ £248 average price of share. I did not buy it at this price and i had a lot more shares… does this mean i have lost out… i never seeing each share going up to £248 lol i bought it round $11

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Hi @Ahannan3

They did a reverse split of 50:1 in April as they were trading below the $1 threshold required by NYSE. They just issued 1 share of every 50 you used to own. It changes the share price but not how much you own.

You’ve not lost any money


All over now finally. Surprised its lasted this long. Nasdaq will suspend trading on it tomorrow, followed by a delist.


And finally goes down. What a journey. My biggest lesson so far…

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Wow I didn’t read the word Covid in that article as reason for going bust (unless I missed it).

The recent $660 million cash injection will have no doubt disappeared into thin air and Arrival had orders of 10,000 units from UPS I believe aswell.

I guess maybe its harder to design and produce an electric vehicle than one thinks :thinking:.


Finally. It was about time that this scam came to an end. Over 10 years of wasted time. Several reasons for their demise:

  1. Lack of focus: why the bus suddenly?
    2 . Change f design: after working most of the time with a bus-like front, suddenly they changed to a more classic design
  2. Idiotic idea of microfactory. It did not make sense for cars and won’t ever. Cars are mobile so when finished they can be moved very easily.
  3. Change of geographical area: from the UK to the US.
  4. Ghost clients: They had trials with Royal Mail, UPS but never was anything in practice. This must be sour for UPS

Probably they are now going to try to flog off the remaining assets. I hope nobody buys then because if they cannot build a product in 10 years, they won’t ever.