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Firstly here are some Golden Rules to Investing:

  • Diversify - the eggs and baskets analogy!
  • Invest for the long term
  • Psychology - be prepared for ups and downs!
  • Consider your personal risk tolerance - Higher potential returns = higher risk.
  • Consider your goal - portfolio growth / income
  • In general the earlier you start investing the better - you’ll learn so much when you have actual money involved!

A popular way to start investing is to build up investments in ETF’s. By investing regularly you smooth ups & downs in the market reducing risk. You can read the Key Information Documents for ETF risk levels in the app. If you have a lower risk appetite then you can search for a “Bond ETF”.

I think popular Equity ETF’s would be as below:

  • Blackrock MSCI World
  • FTSE All World - 3000 global stocks
  • S&P500 - Top 500 US
  • FTSE100 - Largest UK, which are more Internationally focused
  • FTSE250 - Next 250, more UK focused than FTSE100
  • Stoxx Europe 600