Ask your beginners questions here 🐣

And try not to check the Freetrade app every 5 mins :grin:


The temptation is HUGE!!

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So, end of first day and my little portfolio is down 0.51p
Considering I started with only £50, and I’m learning as I go, I think that’s ok. And tomorrow is a new day, and we’re playing the long game, right?


I only started with this app in June. And I was glued to it. And watching things go down and feeling depressed and up and feeling happy. Definitely have to learn to step back and do the long game. Im slowly building up my stake. At first I was buying all sorts, but have now streamlined a bit more. It’s fun tho, and only spending what I can afford to loose.


Absolutely! Same here. Common sense and patience required.


Some of that may even be the fees for a fund or FX so that isn’t bad :+1: Good luck!

Just a point that I also find that helps; keep a current track of your investments and dividends maybe using an Excel spreadsheet. Freetrade do not currently have an easy way of exporting these. Will help if you need to do tax returns for CGT profits/losses or taxes on dividend payments.
There are some good threads here on these.
Good luck and have fun

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Fund fees maybe, there are 2 in the mix there. But FX, if I’ve only gone for UK stocks?

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I have mine in a spreadsheet - I use google sheets. Going to find the tax threads now… I don’t think I need to do that just yet though?

I didn’t know if you had bought US stocks :+1:

Fair point - Unless there are some in the ETF’s I have, then no, and I tried to keep it all UK at the moment.

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Morning all,
Please can someone tell me why, the portfolio value adjusts a few hours after the markets have closed. Tia

I’ve found to this explanation on the below page under Why does my share price change after market close? one of the simplest to understand

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Thanks :pray:

Is there a limit on the amount or frequency of deposits for newbies?

Don’t believe there is but if the frequency was odd they may, the bank, make you verify.

Hmm… I made a deposit, it showed as pending - which is fine. And now it’s just disappeared.

Never mind, there it is!

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Can I just say, you folk have been lovely as I take my first steps in this investment lark. You’ve kept your answers in plain English, simple, and easy to understand. You have all never failed to be supportive and welcoming.
Thank you.
:sparkling_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

Oh, and today’s update, I’m up £2.91! I’m rich, I tell ya, beyond my wildest… Well, it’s a start.


As a newbie i don’t understand what’s considered the ‘norm’ if i want to use up my whole £20k isa allowance for this year is it normal to put it all into one fund such as vanguard s&p 500 or is it more common to split it over say 20 different investments?