Ask your beginners questions here 🐣

Hi @Makemerichplz21 :ocean:

What you’re going through with the emotion reaction to up and down says is perfectly normal for first time investors, it gets better but only when you’d tart to understand why and have faith in your decision. I went looking because I knew it was somewhere and found this from the :freetrade: team.

For a first time investor this could be a great starting point, they have a glossary of terms if you’re not 100% of the definitions here too.

Good luck and hope you stick to this, it’s not necessarily a game you have to ‘play’ - setting and forgetting is often a very good strategy. We’re all very pro financial education around these parts so keep asking questions as you might create a nice Q&A trail for a user in a few weeks or months.


That sale thing actually made me feel better Definitely one way to look at it😂 one thing I’ve definitely learned here is to trust the process and stick to what I believe even if at one point it takes a turn for the worse take it with a grain of salt and well… Pray😂 Only time I will sell now is if my research tells me something is going to go wrong instead of after a couple days of seeing red.

This unfathomable amount of wealth you have made was it made purely through investing in stocks?


I doubt the amount is unfathomable to some of the earlier investors here but it certainly is to me :joy:

It’s been a balanced portfolio of public/private stocks and crypto (slow gainers, no meme tokens). I was also investing in bonds for the best part of 2 years but exited most of my positions as they didn’t pan out as I’d hoped.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.
I believe being able to endure (large) drawdowns is an essential part of becoming a successful investor.
The most successful companies have suffered huge set backs in share price but if the fundamentals are solid then you “HODL”. I personally don’t invest in individual companies but there are concentrated funds in my portfolio with a similar philosophy.


Hello and thank you to all the superb and friendly advice that has been posted…I am a complete novice with no trading experience whatsoever, but have taken some very careful and maybe over cautious steps Into this world…I have the patience to sit back and let the market do its thing, if I come out on top, then I will be on cloud nine


Welcome to the community @Murmac :ocean:

What a great first post! The best to traits you can have as an investor are patience and calm decision making - you appear to have these so you should come out of this much better off than you entered.

Do you mind me asking if you’ve decisions on your first investment? If so what is it? Individual stock or ETF or Fund?

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My input. I joined about 2 weeks ago. I have purely invested in stocks mainly because I just wanted to get the feel of the App and make sure it was pukka !! I have about 10 different £ and $ stocks. As a general note for newbies - I was frustrated at my portfolio bombing 10-15% initially but after advice on here I held on and am now seeing some + and - Green is my new favourite colour :grin::grin::rofl::rofl:. I have financial opportunities to invest in ISAs and SIPPs but want to get fully confident before I consider this. :+1:t3: Sorry to be a numpty but what is a Fund ?

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Everyone starts a numpty and then blossoms into a … simpleton!

This is also a really good page to bookmark as you’re learning the ropes

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Thank you, it’s in stocks and shares which hopefully.i will reap the rewards in due course

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Hi…thanks for help thread
When i joined here about 5 months ago i signed up to plus account.
I maxed out my isa in one company, i know that was a mistake now.
The company i bought shares in has bombed and because I pay
isa fee…am i stuck paying this fee until if ever it recovers.

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Well you’ve learned an important lesson, which company did you buy out of interest.

You’re not stuck doing anything, if you sell right now then yes you’ve locked in your loss but if you have other (maybe less risky) investment that you think would perform this holding you might better to cut your losses. This is a good example of opportunity cost.

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I asked this question in an small and older thread so thought I would repost in beginner. It’s a question about average share prices.

I done a calculation on AFC Energy my calculator comes out exactly as Microsoft excel does which are both showing like 1.5 pence out which is weird because I have added the exact numbers from my shares when bought including all decimal places?

This share doesn’t have any fees ontop so I’m stumped, I also haven’t sold any shares as well.

I have another separate question. At what price do companies allow fractional shares.



If the ISA charge pains you, you have two options:

(1) Sell your ISA holding, close the ISA and (re)buy in the free investment account. If the shares subsequently rise and you sell and your total capital gains for the year is less than £12,300 you won’t have any additional tax to pay.

(2) Find a free ISA stocks and share service and transfer there. I am unaware of any. If someone else on this forum is -perhaps they would be kind enough to let us know.

I concur with @nielB and first consider whether you are missing any opportunities by holding on to the stock that you have bought. I am not sure what level of research you did - the stock may never recover or may take many many years to recover. I recommend to take a look at the share price of e.g. VOD and see that if you had bought in January 2014 you would still be underwater.


Have you accounted for rounding, stamp duty & FX fees?

Companies don’t technically ‘have to allow’ fractional shares there needs to be a platform that sits between the exchange and the buyer of the fractional shares.


hellium one global… I started off buying little, then i read people saying it won`t drop anymore. So i was buying on that. I know its foolish to listen to others even if there more expert than me. Anyways im maxed out with over 200,000 share and it dropped even more…5k down now so isa fee not really concern…But Its all i have so i have to hope n pray . I made biggest mistake on my first investment.

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Ty , thinking about it the fee does not really pain me. It pains me i cant afford to sell and lose my loses and i`m stuck now. I will have to wait and hope it does not go to nothing. thanks

You will just have to hope and pray that helium one do find recoverable helium with their drilling’s otherwise there is a really possibility that you will lose all your money. I do have a few hundred shares in helium one btw.


As stated above there are no fees from that share. Rounding should not have been a problem as I used exact numbers to 6 decimal places.

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