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“Stroll pledged to lead the ailing car maker out of the quagmire

the what? :laughing:

I think he’s the man to do it. He’s invested serious cash, got the Wolff on board, and with the Dalmer interest in hoping for 1000% gains. :rofl:

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I’m in for the long term, recently bought shares @ £0.64 so although currently at a loss, hopefully the long term will get right back up there in the years to come.

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They called Mr Wolff

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I just finished writing up my Aston Martin analysis.

I’m a hard sell on those guys right now. It’s looking really shaking, and I don’t think the new SUV sales will be enough to get them out this rut.

They still need to make £10m in operation saving for 2021, they have cut 22% of their headcount last year and then opened a new factory and trained 600 new staff.

It’s going to be a really tough year for them, and I’m not sure they have the management to save them right now. Losing the CFO and three board members stepping back isn’t a great sign. Having to accept the latest financing at a big discount isn’t nice either.

Then again, this Wednesday is their Q1 results, that’ll paint a clearer picture!

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“Palmer was due to be replaced as early as Tuesday, reportedly with Tobias Moers, who currently runs Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division.”


Up like a rocket in the last few days. New measures going down well

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i got in at 39p, and also bought more on the way up till now. so hoping this is winner for me

I was a buy on these at 47p despite @jcksmith850 analysis.

Unfortunately I pulled the trigger at 47p as didn’t realise their earnings report was due two days later when the price dropped to ~30p!

Have still done well though, currently 71.54% up so can’t complain.


any predictions on when they will stabilise over the next 6 months?

Likewise. Went in at 45p and then again at drop at 40p only to see it down to 30p. Hold my nerves …sold it off at 50p, realised foolishness and then added back all previous investments and profits at 59p. Still can’t complain as it is up substantially from there too.

If you have nerves to hold it for 5 years, it will give steller returns given their V6 hybrid engine is kickass.

Car scrapping scheme will come soon given penchant to revive auto like last crisis so it should lift their sales too.

I agree. It’s a long term hold for me.

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I’ll probably be holding mine until at least the 2021 F1 season. Hopefully that can give them a nice boost.

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I don’t think Aston Martin buyers and people who have a 12 year old beater to trade in for scrappage are necessarily the same people :rofl:


Yeah. Every little helps :sweat_smile:

AML have some pretty good forward plans that rings good with me F!, SUV and hybrid engine all good signs,.

Am in it for the long run, and if it ever sees £9 a share or close to that i will sell


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12% ouch

plans to draw approximately $68m of the delayed draw senior secured notes due 2022 at 12% coupon having exceeded the order condition required to draw the notes

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