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I’ll probably be holding mine until at least the 2021 F1 season. Hopefully that can give them a nice boost.

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I don’t think Aston Martin buyers and people who have a 12 year old beater to trade in for scrappage are necessarily the same people :rofl:


Yeah. Every little helps :sweat_smile:

AML have some pretty good forward plans that rings good with me F!, SUV and hybrid engine all good signs,.

Am in it for the long run, and if it ever sees £9 a share or close to that i will sell


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12% ouch

plans to draw approximately $68m of the delayed draw senior secured notes due 2022 at 12% coupon having exceeded the order condition required to draw the notes

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First review I’ve seen of the new Aston Martin SUV, which does look pretty good

I think it’s going to be annihilated by the competition, sadly. I love Aston’s… but the backside of that SUV is Fugly.

It also looks like a Macan from the front and side. Yes the grille is very Aston but the shape and headlights especially look like a car that is a available much cheaper :smile:

I actually saw one yesterday down the road from me in the afternoon the car was a bit muddy as we live near the country … and I must say what I saw looked pretty awsome

If the AML share consolidation is approved, what happens to the fraction of a share I’d end up with?


You should get a credit rounded down to a whole share.

With the consolidation, what happens to the share price, would it be essentially 20x the price at time of consolidation? So if it were to happen now for example with the price being 77p, would the new share price be £15.40?

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This evening I received an in-app msg saying exactly what you said. New shares will be rounded down on 14th Dec.


That’s what I hope should happen. I can’t make my mind up if this is good or bad for the investor.

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Ideally buy a number that equates to 20 so that it will fall right, so you don’t loose out on the fraction.

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In theory it should be good if what’s being said is correct.

  1. Big investors don’t particularly like penny shares.
  2. It could also help stop a certain amount of volatility with less day trading taking place.
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So I guess as long as you have an amount divisible by 20 then you shouldn’t lose (be rounded down) but would be nice if the price of the share actually reflected the condition of the company as in there must be plans since the changes and that can only be to become more of a household name and sell more vehicles … or why bother ?