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:grimacing: It’s down 10% today

Quite surprised not to have heard anything from FT re: the consolidation or when we’re likely to see the “new” shares in the app.

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The team has been working through it, and you should see them soon. The exact timing depends on when we get our shares from the market.


Will the investment gain / loss on the graph sort itself out in the next couple of days too?

Would be nice to have 1,725% growth in the last 7d :rofl:


I’ve noticed the link to the AML forum has been removed from the app.

Yes, my Aston Martin share(s) went from circa 70p to £15.40! On the other hand my 20 odd shares have turned into only 1. :joy:
I do wonder how long that sp will last at that level though.

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Since the recent 1:20 share change the listing in the app has “broken”

  1. The link to this forum was removed
  2. AML was removed from the “Cars” sector in “Discovery” and now shows as “Other” in “Insights”



Still looks like the graph is messed up. Showing up 2121% for the month. Who do they think they are? Tesla?! :yum:

Anyone got an insight as to why the recent sharp price rise? Or suggestions on how to find out for myself? Total amateur here!

share consolidation 20 shares turned into 1 to reduce volatility as the viewed the low share as a negative

There are rumours of a £4.1 billion acquisition by a Chinese company, although Aston Martin and Stroll have denied it.
Source: Stroll rubbishes rumors of Aston Martin sale to Chinese company

It could also be partially down to the Formula 1 season approaching, they’ll be unveiling the car some time this month and that’s going to generate a lot of hype and media attention for the company.


Although just to clarify the F1 team is a separate entity to the automaker (I know you haven’t implied that they aren’t it’s just worth mentioning). Of course if the F1 team starts winning races / championships this would be great PR for the automaker - the entire point of having their name in F1.

@Dazed regarding how to find info on drastic stock price changes literally the first thing I do is google the stock and then go to the ‘News’ tab - that normally then gives you a recent news story you can tie to why the price exploded / tanked. Equally someone on this forum will always be happy to help as @maxvedwards did:)


I wonder if when the new James Bond film eventually comes out it will see a boost in sales, quite a good advert but i suppose most viewers won’t be able to afford one.


Lawrence Stroll who owns the Aston Martin F1 team is Executive Chairman for the Aston Martin Lagonda car company. He also own something like 30% of AML.

I know this issue is cosmetic and not important but it’s been 4 months since FT broke this. Any chance of it being fixed? Surely it can’t be that difficult or time consuming.



Has anyone seen the recent interview with Lawrence Stroll, where he said the company is now completely de-risked, and fully funded until 2024/25. Very bullish outlook.

I’m very keen on Aston Martin. Sales already do well in Asia, and I cannot put enough emphasis on how massive it is for the company, that they now have F1 exposure and everything that comes with it, at little or no cost to the company. It’s just been re-branded Aston Martin from Racing Point by Stroll and his consortium that took over the Force India team as it was then known in 2018, after it went into administration under Indian businessman Vijay Mallya.

Also, F1 exposure couldn’t have come at a better time, because after the years of snooze fest of Mercedes 1-2 after Mercedes 1-2, with Hamilton hand gifted about 4 titles at zero effort, viewing figures are well up now that we actually have a race involving Mercedes and Red Bull.

After 11 of the 22 races, viewing figures for this year (UK only) are up 27.8% on last year, and now double what they were in 2018. Since live races were removed from free-to-air tv, this year’s viewing figures are by far the best. That can only be good news for everyone involved.

I don’t usually watch James Bond films but I’m going to watch the new one just to see how much Aston Martin features in it :rofl:

Are you sure that figures are up that? Or just Sky figures as their isn’t another channel also showing the race? From the official F1 site

Despite the fact that the revised 2020 season had four fewer races than 2019, Formula 1 maintained a strong audience position with an average audience per Grand Prix in 2020 at 87.4m. While this is marginally down at -4.5% on 2019

I’d say they have better figures also due to more people staying in at present where it has been higher. Like him or hate him Hamilton is a massive draw to many people. Gifted and Zero effort are a bit OTT though :joy:

No that’s not what I was referring to, those figures you quote are the difference from 2019 to 2020 I believe? I had already seen that.

I’m talking about the difference from 2020 to 2021 so far, right up to Hungary (11th race) on 1st August 2021.

Personally I believe an actual title contest (which we have been lacking in the last few years) will draw the most viewers, but yes Hamilton (and indeed Verstappen) are big draws.

You are missing my point the 27% figure is Skys and doesn’t count the channel 4 losses :+1:

Sky have seen a 27.8% average increase on their viewing figures for race days this season, with an average of 1.56 million viewers watching each race, compared to 1.22 million in 2020.

This quote misses the channel 4 offering and is for SKY and not UK total. I do agree 100% with the Aston stuff though as it is looking promising.