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Ah I see. Yeah I had only included live viewing and not factored in Channel 4 highlights, but it’s good to have that angle to look at too :+1:

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Incidents like yesterday will only ramp up the interest as well.

Could do with the Aston Martin safety car getting a good run out though instead of that bloody Mercedes!! :rofl::rofl:

The Aston Martin F1 team feels like they’re preaching to the choir, if you’re into F1 you likely list over super cars. The James Bond partnership has much more value to the brand as it reaches an audience of non petrol heads.

I get what you mean Neil but I wouldn’t necessarily say so. It’s about getting the brand back out there, in the limelight, rather than being hidden away dormant and in the dark.

Sales were declining year after year from around 2006 or 2007 for around 10 years I think, and people (even mega-rich petrol heads who can afford luxury cars) probably thought Aston Martin went extinct with the dinosaurs.

‘Aston Martin - do you mean the ancient car that Sean Connery used to drive’ kind of mentality.

So having the razzmatazz and worldwide appeal that having an F1 car brings (although it would be nice if it was more popular in the US), I think is priceless.

When you talk about luxury brands people think of Gucci, Rolex, Ferrari etc. Not only because they are luxury brands but because they are visible.

That’s what I think Lawrence Stroll’s F1 team can do for Aston Martin, at least I hope so!