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Ah I see. Yeah I had only included live viewing and not factored in Channel 4 highlights, but it’s good to have that angle to look at too :+1:

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Incidents like yesterday will only ramp up the interest as well.

Could do with the Aston Martin safety car getting a good run out though instead of that bloody Mercedes!! :rofl::rofl:

The Aston Martin F1 team feels like they’re preaching to the choir, if you’re into F1 you likely list over super cars. The James Bond partnership has much more value to the brand as it reaches an audience of non petrol heads.

I get what you mean Neil but I wouldn’t necessarily say so. It’s about getting the brand back out there, in the limelight, rather than being hidden away dormant and in the dark.

Sales were declining year after year from around 2006 or 2007 for around 10 years I think, and people (even mega-rich petrol heads who can afford luxury cars) probably thought Aston Martin went extinct with the dinosaurs.

‘Aston Martin - do you mean the ancient car that Sean Connery used to drive’ kind of mentality.

So having the razzmatazz and worldwide appeal that having an F1 car brings (although it would be nice if it was more popular in the US), I think is priceless.

When you talk about luxury brands people think of Gucci, Rolex, Ferrari etc. Not only because they are luxury brands but because they are visible.

That’s what I think Lawrence Stroll’s F1 team can do for Aston Martin, at least I hope so!

Can anyone tell me whether or not the Aston Martin shares have been diluted today as part of the deal with Daimler?

It’s just that the shares have dropped over 4% today, but it doesn’t seem to me that the market cap has dropped that much, so was wondering if this was the reason why?

Is there anywhere I can easily find out such info?

Does anyone know why Aston is taking such a hammering the last week or so? It’s my main investment so it’s not good news for me whatever is causing it.

This podcast is a great listen if anyone is thinking of investing in Aston Martin, Lawrence Stroll sounds like he really means business with this one.

Aston Martin third quarter results released this Thursday November 4th.


104% increase in third quarter sales. Very good results.


Can someone please help me?

I’m really really keen on AML, and I’d like to try and find out some information.

We know that in exchange for technologies, AML will issue a significant amount of ordinary shares in stages to Mercedes-Benz AG, to take its holding in the company up to a maximum of 20% by 2023. This was announced over a year ago in last years Q3 results.

The two questions I have are;

Is there any way I can find out the exact date the shares are issued?

Will this share issuance dilute the share price?

…If so I’d like to just save my pennies and buy as many shares as I can after these shares are issued, to give myself the best possible price and value, if that would work?

@Dav1d have you tried asking Charlotte Cowley? She’s Director of Investor Relations and normally very good answering queries.

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New CFO needed, apply within.

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Couple of issues with the listing in the app

Graph error from stock split

Missing community link

Can someone take a look? @sampoullain @mynameisgeraint @Rajan07

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I was talking months ago on here about such a good title fight being great news for everyone involved, and for the final race to peak at 7.5 million viewers in the UK.

Oh and can I just add that while the peak audience was watching, …a beautiful British racing green Aston Martin Vantage was leading the cars around the track :grin::+1:

I genuinely see the mid-term future of Aston Martin as being very strong. Why? A few reasons really.

  1. Lawrence Stroll.
    This is someone who, even in the highly testosterone charged environment of an F1 paddock, has been described as a force of nature! After years of what seems like managed decline and being hidden away in a dark cupboard and being left to be forgotten, Aston Martin now finally have someone in charge who has the passion, drive, finances and track record to turn this sleeping giants fortunes around.

In his first year in charge he had 5 important milestones to achieve to de-risk the company in his eyes, all of which he did achieve, they were as follows:
Fully fund the company through to 2025.
Have a successfully selling SUV.
Bring in the best manaement team he could, including Tobias Moers who has 26 years experience at AMG.
Increase the relationship with Daimler (Mercedes) and get them to come on board as a large minority shareholder.
The last was to bring Aston Martin to F1 grid as a fantastic marketing tool (through the F1 team he already owned, which was called Racing Point).

…On the final point, its very nuanced, but for an example, a few weeks ago as one of the most tense F1 seasons in history was building up to way beyond boiling point, with just over a lap to go, a beautiful British racing green Aston Martin Vantage was leading the cars around the track, and just between the UK and Netherlands over 14 million people were watching live on tv. That exposure happened due to a multitude of events over a ten month period which literally culminated in priceless advertising for the company that money cant buy. It was just one of those moments of fortune which was priceless.

That brings me onto my next point, it is only with this type of leadership that Aston Martin will be back in the forefront of the luxury-goods market, and raise its profile to hopefully even higher heights than when Sean Connery was driving a beautiful Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger in 1964. Yes, remarkably that was 58 years ago.

Time flies doesn’t it? Especially when companies stand still.

There are already what I consider to be very encouraging signs in terms of appeal and popularity. The average age of present customers worldwide is 54, and only 9% of those are female, however, if you take China which is the fastest growing market for the company, the average age comes down to 38, and a healthy 30% are female buyers.

With a current market cap of just over £1.5 billion, I think shares in Aston Martin are ridiculously cheap, and by 2025 I think the company will be worth substancially more.


I haven’t got a times login so can’t read the full article.

Would someone be kind enough as to post her full reasoning on here for me please?

Seems like clickbait to me, recovery was never going to be quick and if you ignore all the fear mongering then they are moving in the right direction. The money from the Valkyries is delayed, not missing. I think this will mean that the next earnings will look worse than they really are but the one after that could look more impressive. I still have faith, there is so much possibly in the far future for them.

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On your last point - there was a tremendous stat on the ones and tooze podcast about how the global luxury market is driven by younger chinese women. Its in the 2nd half here.

Still not sure i can bring myself to jump in here though.

Does anyone have an opinion either way on this appointment?