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I’m not totally convinced by the launch date. It’s just some weirdo on YouTube putting two and two together, but hopefully he’s got it right.

New launch date confirmed for late October!!!


Do Astra not understand the importance of narrative? They should be filling their social media with cool video of rockets - so I checked their twitter to find they haven’t posted in months, don’t have a YouTube channel, no Facebook and a website that looks appalling.

I don’t want the whole company distracted by this but is it too much to ask for them to have a PR and social media manager? Elon understood that people were happy to see rocket video and lent into the bad ones to generate views.


They used to operate completely under the radar, and clearly haven’t changed their methods despite the public listing… All hype is gone, this is going to trade purely based on fundamentals. If their next launch is a success, we’re back to 10$+ immediately. If it fails again we’re bound for 5$… Who wants to gamble? :smile:


Will be interesting few weeks. Two potential launch windows? Is one incase the first doesn’t happen? Or is there two launches? Plus financials released early November.

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New video upload from NASA Spaceflight YouTube Channel - ‘Meet the Astra Team’.

Informative, insight, goals etc. Would have liked some factory film footage as well. Overall looking like they have the right team and vision to make it successful :+1:

Just need a really good launch ticking all the boxes this month :rocket: