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The world’s largest communication firm by revenue, they provide mobile services, next-gen TV, high-speed internet for people and businesses.

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Absolutely amazing dividend and a great history! I believe a USA dividend aristocrat


Co-founded by the Alexander Graham Bell! Not sure a telephone company can have more history than that tbh!


What makes AT&T one of the most important companies in history is Bell Labs. Most of our technological advances and scientists today have their roots at Bell Labs. The Silicon Valley of its time. Sad to see that it’s just an extremely average Telco nowadays.


Yeah because history makes the future

Although no one can be sure what is going to happen tomorrow. All we can do is to try make a prediction of it using historic data because it is all we have to work with.

All sports betting shop makes a business out of this by offering greater odds on favourable outcome based on the history of wins against losses.


What stocks are you holding based on its history?


But what about the future? Any good prospects? Apart from great dividends

that’s what is like to know?