At What % Above Entry Price Does A US Trade Break Even?

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Does anyone know at roughly what % above entry on a US trade, it breaks even? Just a ballpark figure - I can work out the spread difference, it’s just the contract note that is a bit unclear.

I notice that even if the app says I’m up by x%, I can sometimes lose money once I sell.

Is there some kind of equation someone can share, to help figure this out, using the FX rate, the base FX rate, the FX fee, and whatever the hell else we’re supposed to take into account?

As-in… (X shares * Y price per share)… then what?



0.45% the FX fee

Worth checking the bid ask spread on yahoo finance (or other platform) if your margins are thin.

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So am I right in thinking, that I basically need to write off roughly the first 1% of the trade to cover the cost of the FX fee on the buy and sell combined (plus the spread / slippage)?


Yes approx 1% fee buy + sell (rounded up) + the $/£ exchange rate may also change ( up or down ) during the holding.