Aterian ($ATER) (Formerly $MWK)


The first point is publicly available fact and worth considering, a high short % is the one common them on all of these hyped stocks.

The second is a pure guess. It is as likely to hit $40 as it is to hit $400.

:sob::sob::sob::sob: One day I will learn


How close is the moon again? :joy:

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Going to need a bigger :rocket:

Anyone seen why price dropped.

No clue, big drop though!

Well that was a fun day.
A bit like splitting up with a new girlfriend :flushed:

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That’s another learning opportunity :sweat_smile::joy:
Will have to hold, no point selling at the loss I’m in now.

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Same, holding on to the little hope I have left. Not hopefull for the coming days but we’ll see what the future holds.


It reached the level of resistance expected then dropped I wouldn’t think likely to rise again for a while atleast anyway

Me too. Only jumped in couple of days ago and watch the value float down the river in front of me. Big loss, relatively - don’t quite understand as nothing I have found on web to cause this drop. Something about “shorting”, but don’t really understand that.

I think the real thing you should be asking is why was it pumped? Many just buy these meme stocks with no research and wonder why it drops but it was in a false high position when they bought in.

I bought in at 14.38 & sold at 17.80, made a good choice on it, was expecting another rise on tuesday luckily my phone died & after i got it back on i saw the 30% drop & left it, was the same with bbig sprt & amc they all tanked so i don’t feel bad about getting out when i did, lucky asf though

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There really isn’t much to understand. When you look at the volumes traded this took of in late August. It’s a pump and dump based on a 20% short interest and a critical report into their business practices.


Wrong. Short interest is currently 57%.

I got the short interest from Yahoo Finance - it looks like it might be old now. Where did you get 57% from?

Am I wrong in saying short interest could go either way… Make the price dive more, or :rocket: up?

One tactic of the short seller is to dump a load of stocks and drive the price down.


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What’s that about mate

Short interest has updated and it’s increased to 60%. Hopefully this can do a nice run again soon.