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The frustrating thing is when a stock is massively hyped with the least data/links/opinions to back it up on the forums. It usually sounds like Nikki Minag does trading, I reckon, I heard or my mates cousin thinks… but not much to actually back anything up at all.

TBF with GME and to an extent AMC you at least had a few people who DID give good reasoning and posted why they believe it was going to rise lots. Unfortunately it was/is often followed by several single sentence rocket related slogans as fact. :joy: :man_facepalming:

Me personally and I think is what @NeilB was getting at above, is that if you claim it WILL go up then you should back it up with a reason as people may lose money believing you. I don’t think this is unreasonable as why say something if you don’t have the back up answer?

This claim they are the new Amazon, is it just BS? From looking at their own website it looks like they are a supplier for Amazon rather than a new Amazon. Would Amazon really help build its potential successor? :joy:

Either way, the company website is pretty good and could actually be a good long term investment rather than a quick get rich scheme. :+1: Some nice products as well.

Company website

Company products


So what’s happening with it now.

Buy and hold :slight_smile:

Think I’ll just hold



How low do we see this going before turning around?

Hopefully it has hit the bottom but who knows. I averaged down a little today though.

Wtf is happening :roll_eyes:

You tell me what’s happening lol… Sinking ship :passenger_ship::ship:


It will come up again :roll_eyes: it has to :sob:

Can’t got any lower surely?:thinking: ima buy more :rofl:

I’m hoping that Aterian turns around soon. I’ve increased my stocks as its fallen over the last six weeks, but feel this might be a long term investment rather than the short term. If it drops again, then ill buy again … thats my strategy. Luckily we’re only talking up to £30 each buy. Good luck folks :+1:

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Well, there is this.

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Hi sorry, I’m new to this :pensive: is this good news or bad :thinking:

I don’t know what Naked Short is … I’ve googled it, but don’t really understand if I’m honest!!

Can this get going again please :sob:

A short position is when someone (normally a hedge fund) borrow the stock from someone else for a fee, they sell it on the open market and plan to buy it back once the price has dropped (or not have to buy it back if the stock goes to £0).

Naked shorting is just the term for not having any other ‘long’ position called a cover. A covered position is when you both short a stock but also have a contract in-place to buy.

It’s a risky strategy and often not applied lightly as it has the potential for an unlimited loss.

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Have faith my friends :smiley::smiley: positive thoughts :thought_balloon: create positive things :+1::+1:


I’ve nothing left to cross and any hope is dwindling fast, but i guess ill have to hold tight and play the waiting game on this one. Stay positive friends :+1:

Was I dreaming or was this nearly at 18 :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: I’ve lost a fortune :weary: