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Everyone wants a stock to be cheap when they buy it so they can sell it for more but to wish your portfolio will go down to achieve is either stupidity of the highest order or empty hot air talk.

I spend a lot of time here helping new investor understand, check my comment history, this extends occasionally to calling out unhelpful comments. I’m sorry if you feel attacked, I called out your comment not you as a person. There is a difference.


That’s a mighty fine horse. View must be dizzying from up there.

New to the forum doesn’t mean new to investing.

Unless there is a magic way to not have depreciation in overall holdings when price decreases then what am I missing ?

Have you ever bought, seen it go down and bought again at a lesser price whilst still holding stock?
Going to take a punt and say yes you have.

That’s exactly what I have done and here you are spouting reddit blah blah .

Nothing helpful and entirely pedantic.

Don’t think that I am targeting you , rather the words that are in text.

This stock :cry::triumph:

Yes it’s called dollar cost averaging or (the often mis quoted) buying the dip. What I haven’t done is hope my holding drops.

I’m not going to have an argument, this is not a forum that encourages pointless tit for tat without any substance. I’ve made the point I wanted and wish you a jolly nice evening.

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“Really hope it drops a touch so can sink more in”

My words above.

‘It’ being the price. Also by default if the price drops then so must value of holdings . You can see clearly the intent yet decided to nitpick without an substance, which is contrary to your intent apparently.

By attacking the words and being pedantic you have done exactly what to educate?

Probably a really nice guy in reality.

The exchange today Neil doesn’t demonstrate that at all.

Anyway thanks for the warm welcome.
Off for a pint.

What makes it the new amazon? And who’s saying that, just out of curiosity?
This stock is up and down more than a one legged duck doing the hockey cockey :roll_eyes:


Point is all these stocks follow same pattern people all joining and then telling everyone how this is next moon rocket and how they have put all in and how they will buy more. Thing is as we all know these stocks will not go anywhere unless normal people are convinced they will make their fortune, which is when insiders sell and make their’s.

Personaly I like the tiktok pumpers since they are at least funny.


The frustrating thing is when a stock is massively hyped with the least data/links/opinions to back it up on the forums. It usually sounds like Nikki Minag does trading, I reckon, I heard or my mates cousin thinks… but not much to actually back anything up at all.

TBF with GME and to an extent AMC you at least had a few people who DID give good reasoning and posted why they believe it was going to rise lots. Unfortunately it was/is often followed by several single sentence rocket related slogans as fact. :joy: :man_facepalming:

Me personally and I think is what @NeilB was getting at above, is that if you claim it WILL go up then you should back it up with a reason as people may lose money believing you. I don’t think this is unreasonable as why say something if you don’t have the back up answer?

This claim they are the new Amazon, is it just BS? From looking at their own website it looks like they are a supplier for Amazon rather than a new Amazon. Would Amazon really help build its potential successor? :joy:

Either way, the company website is pretty good and could actually be a good long term investment rather than a quick get rich scheme. :+1: Some nice products as well.

Company website

Company products


So what’s happening with it now.

Buy and hold :slight_smile:

Think I’ll just hold



How low do we see this going before turning around?

Hopefully it has hit the bottom but who knows. I averaged down a little today though.

Wtf is happening :roll_eyes: