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Hi sorry, I’m new to this :pensive: is this good news or bad :thinking:

I don’t know what Naked Short is … I’ve googled it, but don’t really understand if I’m honest!!

Can this get going again please :sob:

A short position is when someone (normally a hedge fund) borrow the stock from someone else for a fee, they sell it on the open market and plan to buy it back once the price has dropped (or not have to buy it back if the stock goes to £0).

Naked shorting is just the term for not having any other ‘long’ position called a cover. A covered position is when you both short a stock but also have a contract in-place to buy.

It’s a risky strategy and often not applied lightly as it has the potential for an unlimited loss.

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Have faith my friends :smiley::smiley: positive thoughts :thought_balloon: create positive things :+1::+1:


I’ve nothing left to cross and any hope is dwindling fast, but i guess ill have to hold tight and play the waiting game on this one. Stay positive friends :+1:

Was I dreaming or was this nearly at 18 :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: I’ve lost a fortune :weary: