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Hi sorry, I’m new to this :pensive: is this good news or bad :thinking:

I don’t know what Naked Short is … I’ve googled it, but don’t really understand if I’m honest!!

Can this get going again please :sob:

A short position is when someone (normally a hedge fund) borrow the stock from someone else for a fee, they sell it on the open market and plan to buy it back once the price has dropped (or not have to buy it back if the stock goes to £0).

Naked shorting is just the term for not having any other ‘long’ position called a cover. A covered position is when you both short a stock but also have a contract in-place to buy.

It’s a risky strategy and often not applied lightly as it has the potential for an unlimited loss.

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Have faith my friends :smiley::smiley: positive thoughts :thought_balloon: create positive things :+1::+1:


I’ve nothing left to cross and any hope is dwindling fast, but i guess ill have to hold tight and play the waiting game on this one. Stay positive friends :+1:

Was I dreaming or was this nearly at 18 :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: I’ve lost a fortune :weary:

10 tomorrow please then 20 Monday :grin:

What the hell is happening :pensive:

We are getting buggered, that is what’s happening…

And sand quueeeze only another +75% please then I’m back in the green :pray::blush:

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Come on :+1:

What is everyone’s thoughts on this at the moment. Especially with all the hype online

Big hopes for this stock, maybe not to the moon but at least break through the roof!

Another 7% up today better than 7% down :ok_hand:

Nice rise today😄

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Yes mate let’s hope it continues there saying at least 20+ by May, I just hope it’s not a pump and dump :roll_eyes:

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15 and I’ll be happy


Yes come on :open_mouth::sunglasses:

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To the roof

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