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Will there be an option to connect to apps like atom finance through plaid?


This is more likely to happen when the API goes live. This will likely work in reverse though and will be Plaid’s responsibility to sort the connection.

You can keep up with developments via the Trello:

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They’ll be releasing a test version of the Atom+ offering, initially free of charge:

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Price Changes Explained: Real-time commentary on the underlying cause of significant stock price movements
  • Earnings Commentary: Concise pre- and post-earnings notes and key excerpts from conference calls
  • Corporate Actions: In-depth analysis of corporate actions and strategic announcements such as M&A, new product launches, and supply chain updates
  • Equity Research Commentary: Key highlights from the top institutional equity research reports written by major banks and research firms
  • Atom+ Alerts: Notifications for key market events, brokerage actions, M&A rumors and more on your mobile device

Can sign up here:


Tried signing up but the form seems to be acting strangely

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Just got an email. Waiting list is removed:

“ If you have been following the recent market turbulence as we have, the last few weeks have been unsettling, to say the least. With various global events continuing to affect the financial markets in unforeseen and unpredictable ways, access to timely information is ever more crucial.

In an effort to alleviate some of the stress that has arisen from the recent volatility, we would like to extend our premium news and content feature, Atom+, to everyone who has joined our waitlist. We will be taking users off the waitlist, effective immediately. If you have any friends or family members who are interested in the feature, but have not yet joined the waitlist, we will also provide them access if they are able to join the waitlist by Monday, March 16th.”

Can you share an invite if that’s allowed in this forum? For science. Asking for a friend.

Should just be a case of getting the app and joining the waiting list on

As long as you join waiting list before Monday 16th you should get atom+ for free for a while.

It’s very US stocks centric, can’t seem to manually create a portfolio, and some other annoying things but generally I do like what they’re doing.

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Founded in late 2018, they raised $12.5 million in 2019. Impressive work on the app and especially the search functionalities.

The UI is modern. X-Ray Document Search is handy.

Some of these features such as earnings/events calendar and access to official financials docs would be useful enhancements if they were in the Freetrade app. Stake’s app has some of these features already and they save a lot of time.

Solid UX in the web app so far.

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Agree, there are some limited functionality here and there but I love what they’re doing and if they progress as they do, it’ll be my favourite stock analysis app.

They need to add the U.K. stock universe though, add ability to create a portfolio without having to connect, and it’d be nice to have some filtering tool like the snowflake of Simply WallStreet or the factor analysis of Genuine Impact.

If Freetrade could integrate with atom+ that would be great. They have added a neat chat room feature where verified owners or short sellers of a stock can have a discussion. The caveat being that you need to link your brokerage account to be verified.

Any news on integrating with Atom?
(or with any other platform for this matter)

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