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Article in Sunday times about Atome is only thing I can see for sudden price rise today

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Same :thinking:

Found this article dated 14th November

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This share appears to a bit of roller coaster ride…to put it mildly!


Any ideas why the drop over the last few days?

Seems to have just rocketed up, any ideas why?

ATOME Energy PLC (AIM:ATOM) on Friday informed investors that Trafigura co-founder and former Glencore oil trading executive Mark Crandall has taken a notable stake in the AIM-quoted hydrogen company.

CFT bought the shares at 100p per share, representing a premium to the prevailing market price of 93p.

“ Trafigura is a multinational commodity trading company domiciled in Singapore with major regional hubs in Geneva, Houston, Montevideo and Mumbai”

Net income: US$7 billion.

And Baker Hughes are in for 6%, quite a share register building up!

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And a week later, 93.6p.
Market said, meh.

I don’t think it’s the “market” per se. Just a single seller. For the last few weeks there’s been 10 and 15k amounts placed on the order book offer most days. For instance right now 16k shares dummy trade will move the offer up up, and 20k would shift it to above 95. Seen this in a few shares I’ve been in when the Mm’s have a sell order in place. Just have to wait and see how many more they have to go. Hey ho.

Noticed a podcast that was posted elsewhere