Augmentum Fintech LSE:AUGM

The Company is a public limited company whose shares are premium listed on the London Stock Exchange (‘LSE’)
and will register with HMRC as an investment trust.
The Company’s investment objective is to generate capital growth over the long term through investment in a
focused portfolio of fast growing and/or high potential private financial services technology (’“fintech”’) businesses
based predominantly in the UK and wider Europe.
The Company does not have a fixed life. The intended retail investors are those with a long-term (‘at least five
years’) investment horizon, the ability to bear capital losses and with, at least, basic market knowledge and
experience. The Company may borrow for working capital purposes; this could potentially magnify any gains or
losses made by the Company. Investors should consider investment in the Company as part of a wider portfolio of
Shares of the Company will be bought and sold on the LSE. The price you pay or receive, like other listed shares, is
determined by supply and demand and may be at a discount or premium to the underlying net asset value of the
Company. Usually, at any given time, the price you pay for a share will be higher than the price you could sell it.

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