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This company develops biopharmaceutical products to treat people with autoimmune diseases.

Can someone correct me if I’m wrong? I’m thinking that this may be worth a shot as the FDA decision was only announced on Friday evening and the patent rights are until 2037. Any advice?

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Im long AUPH. To my understanding the intrinsic value could be in the range of 4-6bn. I’m assuming the company would exceed their 1bn sales indication (that is only 15k patients per year in US, while demand is much much higher). Considering such companies are valued at 3-5x sales, there is indeed some growth expectations for share price. There is also a probability that AUPH might be an interesting buyout target for a better established player which could boost adoption of voclosporin using buyers wide sales network. Though recent actions show that AUPH wants to remain independent.
I also liked inside transactions several months ago, when CEO acquired I think 200k usd shares.
The thing to consider is also their dependence only on one drug and risks associated to that. AUPH also doesn’t have any r&d pipeline, their previous studies for using voclosporin in dry eye syndrome gave no results and was stopped.
Anyway, my bet this is at least 30 usd valued stock.


Congrats to all longs! We just need to wait for a firm buyout offer by BMY. :crossed_fingers:t2:


The expected takover price is higher than $28 from almost all sources. This is still a rumour and there will be volatility due to a potential short squeeze.

Pre-market 10% up on top of Friday’s 26.75%