Aurora Cannabis (ACB) - Share Chat

Interesting Freetrade stock price…Hahahhaa!

ACB took reverse stock split last month by 12:1 as its a NYSE requirement to stop trading for stock under $1… I think it took place on 11May if I’m not wrong. Since reverse stock split it’s completely unacceptable to display under $1 price by any stock broker unless stock tanks again.

So shares were reverse splited and the stock price on left side of £14.23 will reflect more accurate price.

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Wow, that graph is a great warning about the dangers of blindly following the herd into “The next big thing”


Hey Naran,

The reverse stock split of Aurora was not being adjusted for in our charts and hence the difference. We have now fixed the issue and you should see the adjusted chart in your app :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh okay cool :slight_smile:

I was very curious to this, as on my phone it said this stock climbed over 1500% in a month lol. but good to hear that you’ve sorted it now.


Bought into this yesterday. Wish I got there at the start of the week but hey ho, buyer remorse I suppose lol.

Anyone feeling good about this stock?

I got a very good feeling about this

Just waiting for a bigger dip

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Is anyone else keeping an eye on this stock? Earning results on Friday morning after US market close. From what I have gathered on the news, annalists predict loses for the company and still the stock price is going up. There’s also a forum on reddit, obviously suggesting to buy and hold.

im still waiting for that bigger dip ha

Bigger dip happening

not sure if i want to jump at this without havving way deeper look. i think they burning trough cash too fast and keep adding more shares to finance the burning :smiley:


This has been my best performing stock ever. Up 40% in 3 few weeks but no comments here. Its because of US deregulation -

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The VERY big dip has happened. There must be a lot of burnt fingers.

Ill wait till its at $4 and then maybe buy some

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Was at 90 dollars a year ago. Four or five dollars is good shout

Right let’s see some more movement. Good climb today.

Does anyone know why aurora started so high and also what happened in the business to cause it to drop from 110 per share ?
I’ve tried to Google but can’t find a definitive answer.

I’m just imagining/dàydreaming about Cellular/MGC/Kanobo getting up to 100+ lol
One can dream;)


Be patient. These are long term hold. Slow burners but u have good spread. Cellular will be 100% next year

Not looking good