Can we have an automated deposit feature?

I don’t know what you mean by Bamboo but could you not just set up a standing order?


is this in anyway similar to something like m1 finance does in the US. i think that would be a great addition


The competitor has launched the auto invest feature in beta and looks quite good. When should we expect in freetrade?


Auto-investing rather than Auto-depositing would be a great feature.
It doesn’t work well when buying a particular number of shares, as you can’t attribute a reliable investment amount to a stock in advance. That puts the UK market out of the picture for now for FT.

The US market however is perfect for this feature now that we are using fractional shares.
If you are a regular investor who always deposits a certain amount every month and is interested in building up positions in various stocks over time, this is perfect.
For example you would choose a stock like Amazon (AMZN), set the amount such as £20 and finally the date to make your purchase every month such as 1st of the month. Voila

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I can not handle how useful and appealing this feature actually is. The time saved omg. Looks awesome.


I agree, this feature would be great and I would more likely invest regularly if this were a feature.

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Me to,it’s a no brainier. Another share dealing company has it and it is magnificent. I am desperate for this to be available on Freetrade. I am so tempted to go with the other share dealing site and I would have by now except I have invested in Freetrade and I am trying to stay loyal “In the face of adversity”