Automated same-day withdrawals

Considering the number of complaints and bad reviews concerning the time it takes for customer funds to hit their bank account, which in our instant payments FinTech world has become unacceptable, :freetrade: needs to implement automated same-day withdrawals. If :freetrade: have to make it a paid feature then so be it. At least customers would have a choice and :freetrade: could even make money off it.

I would also like for the choice to make automated same-day withdrawals. They might be pricey though. And I bet there would be customers complaining it’s a rip-off, and complaining that if Freetrade really wants to call itself Freetrade it should make the same day withdrawals free… But yeah I’m for having the option for a sensible fee

The Freemium model is now well accepted. All the FinTechs now work on Freemium model, cf. Revolut.