Avacta Group (AVCT)

Avacta Group is a Bio-Technology company focusing on “cancer treatments with powerful therapeutic and diagnostic platforms.”

They have also used this technology to devise a COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test. They updated the market this morning that their technology maybe a potential therapy for blocking Covid-19.

Would like to see Avacta added :+1:

AVCT enters into a partnership with Mologic which uses ODX technologies.

All waiting for government contracts… does anyone have a discussion point on this please?

Under valued? Good entry point at 134.25p?

If you look up Myles McNulty on Twitter, the guy is an absolute guru when it comes to this company. Long story short, if their test results get validated in a clinical setting (should find out about that in the next 2-3 weeks) then its going to go through the roof. Still a great entry point. Long term, their revolutionary cancer treatments are the real play but the Covid test is the thing most people are focused on. I opened a small position this month. Plan to hold for at least 6 months or so, hopefully catch the upside from a successful Covid test and and build up a deeper knowledge of the company to decide if they are a good long term hold (3 years+) or not. Of course, if the Covid test hits the skids or gets further delayed there will likely be a sharp contraction but I think its becoming clearer by the day that mass testing is going to be here for a good while yet and it is better to be late to the party with potentially the most reliable rapid test in the world than rush something out that only half works.


Thank you Alex! :blush:

Great news for Avacta


Huge. Expecting mega price action on Monday and huge announcements from the prime minister down. Got in late with this stock at 1.50 but high hopes it will multibag from here.