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Same here. I’m really not happy. I also posted the same on the Norton threat so hopefully someone can explain what’s going on. As it stands Norton have basically just stolen £14 off me


Hi @Natcarp91 welcome to the community :ocean: & @InappropriateMoose

I’m not a holder of Avast or Norton but have read the merger docs published on the 16th of September.

Long story short it should all be done by 26th September.

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Same , Avast disappeared, no money and no shares in North Link.

I’m assuming it’s just a delay, like with dividends :crossed_fingers:

Has anyone else NOT received their Norton shares and Avast payment yet?

I’ve only just checked up on this and quite amazed that it seems to have slipped the net!

Have sent a query via the app contact, will see what they say.