Average Price Per Share Currency

On the individual stock pages we can see our how much we have invested in that stock in what I assume is the stock default currency (based on where the stock is listed). E.g. for JNJ is in USD.

Since I’m based in UK, I’m paying for JNJ in GBP and if I scroll down I can see “Avg. price per share” that I paid for all my purchases in GBP.

Would it make more sense to show what’s my average price per share in USD for consistency there? To know how much I’ve paid on average compared with the current price I have to google X GBP in USD right now. The simplest way would be to show average price per share in USD based on the current exchange rate I suppose?

I would like to be able to see average price paid in $, so I can compare prices easily.

However the current average price in £ multiplied by the exchange rate may not be the same as the average $ amount paid for the shares. not sure which one would be best to use.


Yeah, especially as exchange rates change over time. You’d have to go back and do the calculations per trade at the historical exchange value: Not fun.

True this is one complication :+1:

I’d still like to see it. I’m just not sure what figure I want to see :rofl:

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