Aviva - AV 💰 🛄

Aviva, $AV, is the largest British insurance provider and has over 33m customers worldwide.

Anyone long Aviva?

Here’s the non paywall version:

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Yep. I think the current price is a steal and the dividend is great.

Probably the best insurer outside of the Lloyd’s market (specifically Hiscox and Beazley) in my opinion.


Aviva news:

Something to brighten up your Tuesday…


Bit of a worrying take on Aviva.


Yes I hold those and am considering cutting my losses! Maybe more to put into GGP!

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I like the fairly solid 7+% dividend. Not flavour of the month in the city so cheap, but maybe for good reason. I’m buying monthly to reduce the risk.

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So just bought my first small but bigger than a normal monthly chunk at 354. More if it drops again, but in for the long term.

Aviva should be declaring their final dividend within the next week or so, anyone stocking up at this price?

How far north of 20p per share are you thinking?

Not a chance, I sold out at £4.13 two weeks ago and put it into you know where :wink:. Insurance companies are the bane of my life :grimacing:

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Anyone doubling down on Aviva rn at 350?

I haven’t doubled down but I’ve used it as a basis to reduce my average price.

It’s been a bit of a dog of a stock for me to be honest. Flutters around the same point.

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Not sure what you expected. It’s been on the exact same level for more than 10 years now. 70% below 2000 price today. Saturated market, no real growth but very stable income. Where should the share price increase come from?

Looked to Maurice to shake things up a little:

Maurice Tulloch, the new Chief Executive Officer of the company, said: “I am excited to be taking over as CEO of Aviva. We have strong foundations but we are only scratching the surface of our full potential. There’s a huge opportunity here. At the heart of it, it’s all about insurance fundamentals, delivering excellent customer experience, tackling complexity and injecting a different pace of change into Aviva. And that will be just the start. I am determined to re-energise Aviva and deliver long term growth for our shareholders.”

Turns out he’s not done much so far! (Good dividend though, well covered.)

Dividend 30.9p per share.

I’d make that a final div of 21.4p, ex div on the 23rd April. So SP of £3.50 (as of now) would make it a yield of 8.83%.

I own it for the income, along with a few other insurance companies Not too bothered about the share price as long as it doesn’t completely tank. I don’t expect much growth from insurance companies and the like, but they do make money, and pay decent didvidends

I’m holding £AV too, but I’m a little bit sceptical now because of Ray Dalio’s post on the coronavirus. Quoting him:

“It seems to me that this is one of those once in 100 years catastrophic events that annihilates those who provide insurance against it and those who don’t take insurance to protect themselves against it because they treat it as the exposed bet that they can take because it virtually never happens,”

He didn’t identify any of those companies by name.

I want to get more into £AV and £LGEN but his words are ominous, and we’re talking about Dalio here. Any thoughts?

I’d say, since they offer things like “Business Income Insurance” (https://www.aviva.co.uk/business/insurance/business-income-insurance/)

as well as a range of health insurance products, it is not all that unlikely

Sounds like scaremongering to me.

Insurance companies have vast reserves for exactly this kind of thing. It’s an EU directive.

Worth noting Dalio is US based and may not have the same regulations, but Berkshire (Buffet) is carrying a boatload of cash.

(LGEN had over £1.5bn in reserves at last count, not sure about Aviva but won’t be far off.)