Avon Protection - AVON

This firm specialises in the production of equipment for military and industrial personnel, including respiratory and ballistic protection.

NEW ARTICLE: Unmasking the financials, recent contract delays and protests at Avon Rubber - https://www.thetwentiestrader.com/post/unmasking-avon-rubber

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This seems like an interesting play - trading at a relatively low earnings multiple and in a sector where demand will likely be robust for at least the medium term.

Would be interested to hear other’s thoughts.

I’m 23% down in this investment but going to hold. Any Sniff a government contract should increase the price.

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Been holding for a while now as read the are seen as a moat company.

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I had to look up ‘moat’. Thanks. Pleased I’m not holding alone.

Your welcome, and I read the reason for the fall in share price was just down to an issue with supply gas masks to the US army. So it would creep back up

Slam dunk takeover tgt from the US pe firms I think.

I think a massive over mkt reaction to news already leaked over the last few months. Lots of profit taking going on it think.

I have tried to buy a load more but Freetrade keeps rejecting my order so had to buy on hargreaves instead who clearly have a load more clout with the market makers!!

Iv just bought some more shares on here no problem. Just hope to see a quick correction.


Another big hit to the share price

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Thanks for the information. Was wondering what happened

Bit of a market over-reaction!

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I wonder if a private equity mob will try to snap it up while it is distressed. From what I read the body armour section is only a small part of the overall operation with respirators and helmets being the major part pf the business and very much unaffected by today’s news.

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Not advice, but at the Friday closing price this is a buy for me it does look like the market has wildly overreacted be interesting to see where the price is this time next week.


It regained £2 a share on the week, I did buy some more on Monday not quite at the low but low enough,still down but a recovery from last Friday.

Hopefully plenty more topside for you, I need another week like this to get me near level.



Going to shut down the body armour division and concentrate on main business of respirators and head protection. Bad for the price in the short term but probably a good thing longer term if you have the stomach for the wait.


Thanks @Roger - makes sense. Yes, consign them to the zombie drawer and take a look in three years’ time, is how I’ll play it.


Looks like the bad news was more priced in than I assumed it has rebounded quickly.

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