Avon Protection AVON

This firm specialises in the production of equipment for military and industrial personnel, including respiratory and ballistic protection.

NEW ARTICLE: Unmasking the financials, recent contract delays and protests at Avon Rubber - https://www.thetwentiestrader.com/post/unmasking-avon-rubber

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This seems like an interesting play - trading at a relatively low earnings multiple and in a sector where demand will likely be robust for at least the medium term.

Would be interested to hear other’s thoughts.

I’m 23% down in this investment but going to hold. Any Sniff a government contract should increase the price.

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Been holding for a while now as read the are seen as a moat company.

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I had to look up ‘moat’. Thanks. Pleased I’m not holding alone.

Your welcome, and I read the reason for the fall in share price was just down to an issue with supply gas masks to the US army. So it would creep back up