Avon Protection - AVON

Thanks Roger. There was a forecast yesterday on Simply Wall St with 2022 EPS boosted from $0.56 to $0.87. Perhaps this affected things. Anyway, good so far. Some way to go yet, but off my zombie list! Best, Roger.

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Up 20% in a week, slowly getting back to my buy in price it’s unfortunate it is on the back of putins idiocy.

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You might see the price rise more, it’s been mentioned in an article in the Daily Mail

Good luck!

It Paid a good dividend Friday too.

I was just in the green with this Monday but then todays profit warning has cut 23% from the share price today. I have bought more at lower price.

CEO to step down.


Every time I get back to near level on this one it seems to take a nosedive but I am in for the long term so onwards and upwards.

From sharecast an order from the US military explains todays rise in share price.

This is my one shining light in the storm that is the market at the moment up 20% in the last 7 days.


Good news helps even in dark days.

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Results out today we will see what the market thinks


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