B&M European Retail Value SA BME

This large bulk discounter sells homeware, electronics and much more at low, low prices.

Ugh. Anyone with me? I’m holding out for an increase after a terrible two days.

What’s caused the sell off? Now a time to buy?

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I was in this stock a few months ago. Isn’t this fall because of Brexit fears and the roisk of no deal? B&M gets lots of its stuff from abroad so I can imagine that it will have problems in January. The bodrer control training in Dover yesterday caused a long queue. Even if they stocked up, they will need run out of stock eventually.

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Yeah, that sounds very likely to be the case.

What impact will the sell off by the owning family of quite a lot of shares mean? Is this why they paid another extra dividend to keep share holders sweet?

That’s how I’m thinking right now. Share price is nice and low, but keep an eye on it :grin:

Thoughts on this stock now?

They also own Heron Foods which is a fantastic little shop with a number of branches across the country.

As I wrote a few months ago: Brexit will affect this business a lot. They source a lot of products from abroad and there is now the shortage of HGV drivers so deliveries will become difficult.