B&M European Retail Value SA BME

No, you will get a divi on each UK share that you own and a % of US ones if you have a fractional. You can go to the link below and search the stock then fill in share volume to find out how much and when you will get paid. Just remember Freetrade may be a couple days later to get the payment through to you. :+1:

DividendMax - notifications, declarations, forecasts and tools for UK private investors

Oh, and welcome to the forums!!

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Oh wow this is super helpful, thank you so much. I’m going to do that now!

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So I signed up added my amount of shares
It states it will email me when they announce any dividends info

No price tho, but that’s fine!

You don’t need to sign up to check. Go to the top right hand corner and click the search button, edit the share volumes and then it will give you the amount.
With B&M they have not announced yet so it isn’t there but they try and get you to sign up for a guess of the amount. The Declaration date is 16th November so it will show the amount after that date.

If you try it with say GLAD, Gladstone, you will see the next amount as they have a set payment. This will show you how it will look later when they announce. :+1:

Hi @Jakeandrews everyone here was once a complete beginner so don’t worry. Welcome to the forum and feel free to ask any questions you have - were a friendly bunch.

Freetrade have put together some useful resources to help out HERE. If you want to just straight to information about how dividends work and the dates that are important THIS is what you’re looking for. There is also an

As @Big-g said you don’t need do anything if this is a long term hold for you then you can just wait for the email / notification from :freetrade:

Swing past the beginners thread and have a glance or search you might find some useful information there.


Special Dividend of 25p per share for BME paid today and received same day in the account. Good work FT

Does anyone know if UK taxpayers can claim the 15% withholding tax on the dividends back?

I didn’t think so as they’re based in Luxembourg. I’ve only got a small holding but it was a surprise to me today. Shouldn’t have been but I didn’t see it reference before I brought in.

It might be possible. You’d need to check any tax treaties Luxembourg has with the UK.

For what I understand even if you can make a claim on a foreign countries witholding tax it’s only really worth it if you have a super large holding in that position.

I know you can do it with a Spanish stock and it doesn’t matter whether the stock was bought on the Spanish exchange or on the UK exchange as a CDI. The same would apply. Even if you can do it, it’s only really going to be worthwhile of you have a particularly large position in the stock in question.

(I have to do this)

I declare I am in no way a tax professional and I’d advise you to do your research or consultant a qualified tax professional if unsure.

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There is a related thread on this for US W/H Tas - if the investment is in a SIPP; as Samantha says see ]kprofessional advice if the holding i justifies then cost;