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i’m pretty sure the stock item could remain in your portfolio, but is ‘greyed-out’.

It’s still showing for me. Looks like it would let me buy more but the option to sell is greyed out.

Could be awhile before this is resolved.

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Good! The offer is awful! At current lithium prices BCN revenue will be around $1bn per year from the Sonora mine alone. That’s roughly 3 times their offer, each and every year for 50 years. With demand rising!

Not only that, but there’s like £100m cash sat I BCN bank that gangfeng will get anyway so they’re barely paying anything at all

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We released this RNS questioning the Board, and their decision to recommend such a low-ball takeover offer.

Been picked up by Bloomberg Terminals, Reuters Newswire, and Proactive Investor.

We’re still fighting this, and don’t plan on letting them get to 75%!


I messaged FT last night about where we are with this, as my money and shares have disappeared from my portfolio…

They said there are no new updates, and they’ll let me know when they have any updates.

Until then, I’m about £500 lighter and nothing I can do to get it back…

Is it just people that have accepted the deal that are missing shares?
I have mine still because I don’t want the deal to go ahead


Did you accept the offer? Or did Freetrade simply restrict?

Irrespective of people’s thoughts and opinions on the sale / vote, it looks like we could with more transparency on what’s going on behind the scenes. Frustrating when something happens and you’re kept in the dark. Not FTs fault tho!