Bacanora Lithium (BCN) ⛏ 🔋 - Share Chat

So I’ve had a large portfolio spike just now, roughly equivalent to my Bacanora holding - and none of my other stocks have caused this.
There is nothing in my activity feed and no mention from FT support but I think my money has magically reappeared.

Anyone else experienced the same?

Mine just did that too - I agree it feels like the money reappearing

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Yeah @Koni , I just got a chat notification in the app (though not in the Activity list).

Same here, hopefully this now closes this saga for everyone else too!

Odd. My shares still show in my portfolio, with no sign of being sold. Guess I just wait.

@scudulike maybe they’re trickling in?

Next, need to work out whether to keep these zinnwald shares.

Could be.

The Zinnwald shares have gone up 25% since we got them, but in FT still show as 0% gain/loss, as they were zero cost. I think on balance I will probably sell them, as this will mess with my OCD :woozy_face:

So bacanora shares have disappeared from my portfolio, but I have not been reimbursed with cash yet. Caused me a lot of alarm as it shows as a big loss in my account.
Anyone had this happen or now when we’ll be paid for the shares.

Wish this kind of activity was logged in the activities log.

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Yer mine has done same thing!

Same here - big drop in my portfolio, and no sign of the cash

Had an in-app response within 5 mins - apparently all shares have been removed, and we should be credited within 14 days once it has settled. Wish I’d just sold them yesterday now!

Same - clearly something in the works. Reassuring that I am not the only one. Expect the credit will come through in an hour or two.

Thanks for the replies, glad it’s not just me.
I guess now we just sit back and wait.

Just got the official response from FreeTrade reiterating the above.

Could be up to 14 days, so don’t panic if not there

Got a message too.
Waiting for this to resolve.
Why so long for the money to be missing from my account?
7000 shares worth! This is a chunk of investment capital that I could use.

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Getting old waiting for my cash

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It seems very odd. I got a payout for a fractional share in the new owners but have yet to receive the funds for the compulsory purchase of my BCN shares. Bit arse to elbow, surely!


Has anyone got their eye on any similar lithium explorers for when the money comes in?

I need to take a look and make some descisions. I already hold a bit of Atlantic Lithium which has been performing well, but ideally I don’t want to re-sign up to plus.

I’m also going to have a look at Firefinch listed on the ASX.