Bacanora Lithium - ⛏ 🔋 - BCN

Long hold until 2023?

Their Twitter is quite active

Definitely sound interesting. But AIM listing and young. So high risk IMOH


Up 30% in the last week. Why?!

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Is this why the price dropped so much yesterday ???

They did a share placing at 0.45, so the price dropped down to more or less the same level

Should also be looking at $ALUS the company’s lithium batteries are by far the least expensive and the most efficient. And based in the battery hub, Norway with all the supply agreements they need. Not currently on FT though…

Looks like gangfeng are buying them out at 65p


Nice, defo take that from them!

I hear so much about so many lithium plays, yet I firmly believe this is the best one.

So many pump and dump, and others with weak resources/lack of funding.

Here is why I feel Bacanora is a solid long term bet!


Look like they’ll be getting bought out. 65p per share I believe

I have never been in this situation. I have some BCN shares, so what happens now? If price in secondary market reaches to 65p (offer price) then should I sell them in secondary market?

And if I don’t sell then would Freetrade automatically sell them when BCN goes private and credit the money to my account?

If it reaches above 65p, then it’s because people believe there could be a higher counter-offer available.

You can either sell now at slightly lower than the offer to realise your gains, or wait until the acquisition goes through later at 65p. There is always the risk that the acquisition fails for some reason, like politics.


Pretty much. Although the exact number seems to be 67.5p:

Link to the RNS for anyone that wants to read it:

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I have been in at 41.5 and out at 46 three times. On Tuesday, the low was 41.9. What a pity, a great trading stock.

How Bacanora Lithium are letting down their shareholders and allowing China to corner the lithium market


All of us invested know about the 67.5p share offer.

I have organised a letter writing campaign. We have targeted Members of Parliament, nearly all key stakeholders, including the Bacanora Chairman and CEO themselves.

We want to stop this takeover. We want to maintain the 50/50 JV, as we feel this offer is derisory.

So far, over 50 people have confirmed they have sent out emails, and many have received responses.

Please, if you’re holding BCN, do not take this lying down!

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Do you have any template readily available that I can use and who are the targeted people? Cheers

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I hold a few Bacanora shares, but I’m not going to lose any sleep if they get taken over. 65p + a share will give me a nice bit of profit, and I’ll then move the cash on to the next “big thing”.

I don’t get sentimental with my stock purchases.

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Our campaign has made it to The Telegraph!


This campaign keeps rolling on.

Never before, have so many Private Investors United against this!

If you agree with our aims, please join us!