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Nationality declaration stock - we will evaluate the best way to add these stocks after the new US stocks started shipping.


Thanks Viktor

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Please add bae stocks

Hi there, welcome to freetrade! I’d recommend you vote here. There is an issue with BAE, they require nationality declaration but freetrade say they’re working on it.

i have been going through the list of companies listed on FT,
Do FT have BAE systems listed? as i cannot see it
if Not, when would it be introduce?

It requires a nationality declaration which Freetrade currently don’t support

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Thanks Eden

I too was looking for this along with other defence companies.

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If they’re U.K. defence they probably need a nationality declaration as well. They should all (probably) be listed on the forum as such

Thanks @Eden - I have voted for that feature. Having read about Emma Pro, that’s a feature I would like to see in it (here’s hoping!).

There are a few companies who haven’t requested this from what I can see but most of them do.

Any news on BAE?

I’ve not heard anything specific with nationality declaration stocks except that it will happen eventually. In March they said the invest by Freetrade platform will allow them to explore adding these stocks…

Worth bringing it up here About the #nationality-declaration tag

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Dear Viktor, it has been sometime now regarding this stock option. And I think more and more about the future and was highlighted very well recently by the Senior Staff Writer. I want to focus on being in the best position financially for a comfortable future, post COVID-19.

Please fill me in.
Stay well and stay safe.


It has not long gone ex div and the price is quite low at present. They have also increased their debt which is abit concerning if future earnings dip.
Saying that they generally have multi year contracts in various sectors and I continue to hold the small amount I have elsewhere.

Is there any further update on BAE systems being added?


Yes please

Please add BAE.


Asked and answered for now


Might change, might not. For now - not gonna happen