BAE Systems - BA

Sorry for being ignorant, but what does that mean?

You’ll find details in the forum. National Declaration stocks have been an issue for FT since 2018. There’s no point me rehashing. It will get solved. But no time soon. ‘Batching’ Nat Dec is messy.

Search for it.

Please can we have $BAE added to Freetrade.
One of the best dividend paying U.K stocks.

Duplicate of BAE Systems (BA)

Second this. The duplicate link shared doesn’t seem to exist anymore

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Hello Freetrade,

I’m trying to understand why we don’t carry this option, the Freetrade app holds many high price tickets so why not this one?

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National Declaration stocks are being tackled by Freetrade at this moment. There is already a thread for this with a lot more information in it:

Thank - you. I may have to find other channels for this one. Maybe my bank?

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Is there any further news on having BAE Systems, a great dividend paying stock, added to the app?


I’m pretty sure that BAE Systems requires national declaration. Please search national declaration in this forum and you’ll pretty quickly understand why they aren’t available. Along with IAG and others.

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