Balance is going down despite my shares going up??

My money is on the problem being the GBP rallying against the USD whilst holding US equities…

Been gaslighted by that more than once! :rofl:


Tremendous cliff hanger ending from the OP. ‘Who Shot JR?’ stuff. ( ask your Dad )

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Wasn’t it JR’s bit-on-the-side?

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When the trail goes cold it tends to point towards a bit of user error/misunderstanding…


TL:DR - OP doesn’t understand how spread works.

Can we close this thread?

Come on. People were helping you here and the minute you got a response you ignore them? The worst forum etiquette ever.


I’m suspecting a PLBKAC error. Also known as PEBKAC errors.


Or PICNIC error as said in IT where I used to work (Problem in Chair, Not in Computer).

Perhaps worth adding this person to the ignore list as an obvious time waster? Certainly I won’t bother trying to help them in future with the lack of response!


PICNIC that sounds better. I’ll be sure to use that from now on.


Looking at warrie’s profile, it appears they only came into the community to solve this problem but as they sold all their shares at a loss, may have decided that the market was not for them!

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Seems they created the account (early March) just for this issue. Now it is resolved I don’t think you will see warrie again anyway.

I’m still here, trying to sort stuff. Will try to send the response from Freetrade , had a few personal problems ,… RL,…but thanks for the interest and concern.

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Hi Paul, :wave:
Thanks for sending that over to me.

The screenshot that you’ve sent shows that your stocks had fallen in value on the day you took the screenshot by £40.86. This does not mean that your portfolio was performing negatively overall - just that the stocks had depreciated in value on that particular day.
You can filter the time period the graph is displaying by switching between the 1 day, 7 day, 1 month, and max options.
Just let me know if there’s anything else I can help with at all.


Thanks for sharing @warrie. Hope all ok your end.

I’m still learning and making mistakes a year on from joining. We’ll get there eventually!

It’s the same for me, I just started trading so thanks for your comment


Hello folks :wave:

I am one of the engineers on the Engagement team, part of what we do is look over your portfolio chart as well as pricing.

A while back we released some Chart improvements 📈 one of which was displaying your performance per interval which means that now it’s easy to see if you’re up or down for the day. However, we recently realised that this may be a bit confusing so let me try to explain what I think some users may be experiencing.

Your portfolio chart is a representation of the value in your account. This includes cash and stocks (from multiple markets, which are also affected by FX fluctuations), because of that there is no real concept of “Close” and “Open” prices like you would see in your securities.

Imagine that your entire portfolio was a position of AAPL, given the market open today AAPL opened above their “previous close” price (notice that the chart below does not start at 0%). Although the chart is trending slightly down (first point is at $152.60 and last at $152.55) AAPL is still at a net positive given its previous close…

Since your portfolio does not have the concept of “Open and close” prices you would at the point of that screenshot be trending down, because your baseline of 0% is not taken from yesterday’s close but rather the price at the beginning of the day.

Recently we have been talking about this internally and considering changing the way we calculate your Gain Loss (for the one 1 day chart) to take into account Yesterday’s last value instead of Today’s first value, as this more closely resembles what you may be used to looking at Security prices. We would love to hear your thoughts about this one below.

This is one example of why you may seen some unexpected results on your Portfolio charts, others could be the effects of FX fluctuation for example.

However, If you still think something is wrong do feel free to reach out


Thank you for this explanation @pedrom

I had spotted this anomaly and always presumed that it was caused by out-of hours trading or something similar. With the knowledge that it is caused by financial exchange fluctuations, maybe this is a useful thing? If it causes lots of people to contact support, then maybe it’s best changed?

I will look forward to reading other people’s thoughts.

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I’m not a day trader so the fluctuation is not important day to day. I had a go at timing the market and was rubbish at it. Now I look for what I think is long term value and hold.
I am happy with the status quo but if the way the charts run changes it is fine by me

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After hours pricing is definitely something we know some users look at but we are very aware that after hours pricing is highly volatile and because of that we don’t currently or have any plans to reflect that on your portfolio charts. :+1:

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Yes, it’s best not to fluster us lot then!