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In reference to Russians moving money, Georgia are calling it a 80% increase in remissions.
Remissions is defined as people working abroad sending back some of there wages. Remissions have increased by 80%.
So 80% more Georgians moving abroad and sending back part of there wages?
Or those already working abroad sending 80% more money home or mix of both?
Georgia still fears Russia so as not to embarrass or rile them up they are claiming it is remissions.
All of course is increasing the value of the Lari.

As an aside economically and financially Georgia is very Conservative.
Hence inflation 10.5% base rates (referred to as the refinancing rate) is 11%.
They don’t want to stamp on inflation they want to jump up and down on it.



Exposure to the fast growing Georgian economy!! And if that doesn’t do it for it check out there HQ architecture on :fire:

Google Finance

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When I was going through the :freetrade: universe, I noticed this company paid an incredibly high, almost 10% dividend yield.

What is more, it’s trading around £16 a share, so it’s not at its 52-week high, unlike a lot of the rest of the market, as we’re experiencing a bull market, with a number of companies reaching all-time highs.

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 2.42.09 PM

The market cap is £796.54m, and the company is part of the FTSE 250.

However, it’s in Georgia of course, which gave me pause.

Georgia’s geopolitical position is delicate. It’s bordered by Russia to the north, while Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are to the south. While it’s an ex-Soviet republic, but it has a strong trading relationship with the EU. The Transparency International gave the country a CPI (Corruption Perception Index) score of 58 out of 100 for 2018, which is higher than Greece (45), Hungary (46), and the same as Spain (the UK’s CPI is 80).

The real economy is growing fast. The IMF’s long-term growth forecast is 5.2% a year for the country.

So, it’s a promising, but also risky macro picture. Another thing on my mind was that Russia invaded this tiny country in 2008 during a five-day conflict. Elections are set for October, and it could prove to be yet another of these modern elections with a surprise outcome.

I’ve went to the Investor Relations website to find out more. The company itself consists of 1/ Georgia’s largest retail bank, 2/ an investment banking arm 3/ a wealth management arm, and 4/ a lender based in Belarus.

The return on average equity (ROAA) has been maintained above a 20% target, where it has been since 2016. The net interest margin has declined to 5.1%, but so has the bank’s cost of risk, which is an outcome of their improved lending to meet higher regulatory standards.

And the HQ is indeed of the brutalist-lit school! :fire:

Simply Wall Street’s assessment:

I invested £200. I plan to keep reading about this company, and invest with caution, and hopefully end up with a nice dividend and learnings that I will share.

Please remember to do your own research and that your investment can go up and down.


Bank of Georgia halting plans to pay a dividend:

This is a danger of dividend investing.

Always a risk as I see it, a dividend is a bonus for me as I only invest for capital growth.

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May become an opportunity. If the cut in dividends brings a drop in shares prices, allowing to average down and increase yield over time :wink:

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See stock discussions reference dividends.

Largish fall bgeo today not so large in Georgia capital.

This is (starting Monday) week that they set the exchange rate for the dividend in sterling.
Alas its varying between 58p to 59p.
Last week it was 60p to 62p.
Still in £ it is more than the 25% dividend increase in lari.

Exchange rate for upcoming dividend which is 1.85 lari

The Group hereby confirms that the National Bank of Georgia’s Lari/Pound Sterling average exchange rate for the period of 3 October to 7 October 2022 was 3.1671 and it shall be used to pay dividends to ordinary shareholders of the Group on 20 October 2022.

Help i have a hangover i make that 58.5p?
If not please show your maths.
In fact show your maths anyway?

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Sounds right to me.

(But maths was never my strong point :upside_down_face:)

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Share price holding up well. Not massively short of year high.
Georgia capital not doing so well despite owning a considerable amount of bank of Georgia shares.

Yes interesting that. I cashed in on Georgia Capital, small profit, but holding onto BGEO - still about 70% up on that one (one of my very few successes this year)

I am holding on to Georgia capital. 60% discount. You won’t find any private equity investment trusts even now with that sort of discount. Okay still have to take into account Russia. But all the same too cheap.

Amount per share £0.5841
Close enough

And still it rises!

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You know KingB that building does nothing for me. It looks like it could fall over!!

Up 5.6% today. This year’s new peak share price. Nowt on the RNS that would have that effect.
I think I found an article then lost it saying the dream party had won most of the mayoral election. Not good for democracy but good for business. On the other hand not much of a move in Georgia capital share price
So I will go with just a random share price gain.
More to come I hope.