Bank of Georgia - BGEO - Share Chat

Got a double bagger (based on latest price) on this beauty!

A rare event this year (and most years tbf :grinning:)

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Based on price this morning hit the 90% mark!
Wish i had bought more BGEO rather than Georgia capital!!
Just off to buy a 8mph mobility scooter £700. Just had a total knee replacement. Need it to exercise Springer Spaniel…i can afford it and take a loss on the resale!

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Bought mine about the 8th April. So just 6 months.

Might have been close to100% today but just noticed i had bought more at a higher price bringing down my average. Still if it continues upward i will make it before January!

I think these two articles are linked. As in how bank of Georgia won best digital bank in the known universe!!

Do you mean increasing your average?

No decreasing. I bought a second lot at higher price. Hence my average pull down.

If you bought more at a higher price your average would go up?

If i bought the first lot at 50p and the share price rose to a 100p i would be up 100%.
If i then doubled up at 100p my average purcase price would be 75p. Which is now a 50% increase.
Any price increase after that would result in a lower average percentage increase than if i hadn’t bought more.

I imagine they were referring to your average price per share, which as you pointed out would rise. I think you’re both right just talking about different things…

Made it to 100%…at last!
Although I think it shouldn’t count till the end of trade. Also Hargreaves Lansdowne puts me up a fair bit more than freetrade. SHOULD be equal at the end of the day.

Well done - I was briefly at 100% too, but back to 99.4% now.

Still great stuff.

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Minimal move on Georgia Capital though.
I think there debt maybe a worry. They recently bought some 2024 6.5% dollar debt. Paying $880 minimum to $950 max for $1,000. They redeem at $1000 in 2024. Seems mighty cheap?

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I’m keeping an eye on that one.

I’m also considering taking the profits on BGEO by top slicing. Just need to find something else worth investing in with the proceeds.

I am not all that interested in Dividends anymore as i get my state pension next February that gives me £185.15 + £121.75 (disability pension which is not taxable) giving me £306. Almost certainly enough for me to live on. Because of the latter i decided to go for a bit more growth and plan to use gains to move house.
Its just plan/strategy though no idea where i want to move to. Happy with my present location but may move to Property with all flat larger garden. My present garden is terraced. A ridiculous reason I have just had a total knee replacement. Another plan is go on lots of cottage holidays around UK. Another Ridiculous reason as i use my daughters airbnb cabin for free.
But got to have a plan/strategy.
Of course bank of Georgia has given us both a tasty dividend and tasty growth in my case in an isa!

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Arhhh didn’t finish the day on 100%
Only up 93% today.
Never mind. One lot of my Georgia capital is in profit…at last.

From reuters so most cant be read but the basics are visible and a decent video which probably covers the bit they blocked.

Still waiting surprise me and sort it!

So off its top by quite a bit.
Georgia capital excellent figures today but only up 4%.
One day.

So just finished with the webcast with Georgia capital.
They said they have no intentions of selling shares in bank of Georgia as they agree with analysts in that they are worth £40 a share.
According to them there’s been 80,000 plus new accounts created in Bank of Georgia. Population of Georgia is estimated at 3.7 million. So thats a tasty amount.