Bank transfer pulled in double the amount


This morning I used the in app option to transfer money to my account. I selected £200 and it took me to the Santander app. once approved it took me back to the Freetrade app. I have just had an alert to say that my top up has arrived, I then got a second notification to say the same thing.

Checking my account, £400 was transferred. On my banking app, only £200 has left, please can you confirm what’s going on?

I mean I’d happy to keep a free £200 :wink:

Definitely one for the team to look into, not sure if this is @Gemhappe or @MeghanB26 that can help but have you messaged in app chat too?

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Hi Ben :wave:

Oh dear, thanks for letting us know about this! :sweat_smile: Could you please send us an in-app chat or e-mail so we could look into this for you? Thank you!


Hi Elisa,

Just messaged in app :slight_smile: