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Can’t believe how under the radar this apparently is still.
It’s done almost 600% since October and the fundamentals keep getting better.
Met coal price keeps smashing its all time highs as there’s a shortage worldwide currently compounded by the issues with Russia right now.

Anyone else been following this share?


Only thanks to you @MrChew i’m 18% which is a rare bit of green


This beast is almost single handedly propping up my entire portfolio, and it’s not even breaking a sweat.

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Bang on 100% in a month!

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And that’s after hitting 84p earlier this week!

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84p… thats when I decided to add a few 100 more shares… :rofl: oh well,.

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I reckon you will still double that given some time.

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Any heard any info on Bens.
Not seen anything in the news with any problems with the new wash plant
People thoughts on the dip.
Just the current war in Ukraine effects every thing maybe ?

IMO just a little overheated given how much it’s shot up these last few weeks.
Podcast with the CEO is expected out on Monday, I’d put money on it being accompanied by news…

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What you guys think after last RNS and podcast?

Iv done some calculations and looks like SP have plenty of room to go upwards.
I can say it gona be close to £3 at the end of the year.

I thinking to start loading ben to my portfolio…

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I think we could see at least £1.50 this year but potentially up to £2.50 over the next 12 months.

The washplant being ready is great news and it sounds like the railway is almost there too.

Assuming they can get the second high wall miner up and running smoothly, they could be shipping 80k tonnes of met coal a month with $200 profit per tonne based on current prices.
It means the operations are massively derisked and we should be seeing several million a month in gross profits.

My main concern is the met coal price - it keeps pushing through all time highs but longer term I’m not sure that this level is sustainable (I think the Russia situation is partly fuelling this).

Very happy with this share and I’ve been slicing since 70p but will probably hold a fair chunk of shares until at least October this year.


Go Ben go. We believe in you :heart_eyes:


Anyone think this could reach £10 per share in the future ?

Hi Daniel,

When you look at a target share price, you need to consider the market capitalisation attributed to that share price.
With 350m shares outstanding in BEN, that would equate to a £3.5bn market cap.

IMO there would need to be some significant catalysts to see anywhere near this potential.
You’d need the met coal price to either continue increasing or stay around the same level long term.
Significant expansion of existing operations would also need to happen in the form of multiple mines.

There’s potential for BEN over the longer term, but a £3.5bn company is years off and would require a lot of stars to align IMO.


If you have look on last ceo podcast about company progress you can clearly say we can expect £1.50- £2.50 this year. You always have risk because Nobody knows the future.

IMO thinks look great at the moment. Gona be looks even better at the end of April when we get a photo of the train fully loaded :smiley:

I’d love to see £10 a share, and who knows, given the right conditions it could well do.

My expectation is £3 in 2023

Well I wish I had found this earlier ha…jumping in when markets open :slight_smile:

I wish i’d dumped all my money on it :rofl:

As of today i double bagged. But i will still be getting some more because i feel there still plenty left to go and the possible 10p dividend in the next 12 months or so does sound very enticing.

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Yeah it does seem quite a good opportunity. Even at these prices, the future seems good, and dividends always helpful

I’ve been wondering about more investment but Ben already takes up 19.5% of my 18 stock portfolio
Quite a chunk , as mining gobbles up 53% of my portfolio
Interested if I’m in the low end ?
Maybe should diversify more