Berkshire Hathaway - BRK.B

Seems like this 32bit issue has been somehow solved?

How can I find out if my recent investment into Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKB) is part of a DRIP scheme? Cannot seem to find this info. I’m based in the UK and purchased them through Freetrade.

Berkshire Hathaway does not currently pay dividends, hence no DRIP scheme applies.

Also, Freetrade doesn’t offer a DRIP feature at the moment.

With Freetrade, when we receive dividends we can reinvest them as and when we want.

It is very unlikely Berkshire Hathaway will pay dividends in the near future


I see.
Interesting! I’m fine with that given the success of his company.

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Btw how such thing has been resolved?

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He was very accurate in timing, wasn’t it?


Warren Buffett’s 2022 letter to shareholders - a worthy read


Investing guru Warren Buffett recently purchased an 11.4% stake in HP for his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. The purchase now makes him HP’s biggest shareholder. To be clear, Hewlett-Packard split its business into two divisions in 2015. Hewlett Packard Enterprise would sell servers and enterprise services, while HP Inc would sell PCs and printers. Warren Buffett opted to buy shares in the latter. On the day his purchase was announced, the HP share price spiked by 15%. Nonetheless, it has since come back down to a more reasonable price. With Warren Buffett’s impeccable track record of beating the market, I will be diving into HP’s fundamentals and prospects to determine whether I will be buying HP shares for my portfolio.


Annual shareholder meeting is at this afternoon and you appear to be able watch it streamed by CNBC - assuming they don’t geo-lock the stream.


I bet it will be live on YouTube. It has been in the past few years. On Yahoo as well. Recent past performance is not indicative of future performance lol

If it is on YouTube I’ll keep it on as a companion for an afternoon of burrying my head in the exercise workbooks


Available info

“exclusive livestream”

No YouTube?! :disappointed:

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What’s going on with Berkshire Hathaway at the moment? Graph doesn’t go beyond 8th June.

That’s odd. Have flagged for someone to take a look at it. Thanks for spotting @MarkD

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Something is wrong with brkb for me too.

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It’s been stuck for me too for many days and it’s a shame too because the price is now a lot lower

Me too facing the same problem …have to look at other sites for the price before buying
Not able to see historical price beyond June 9th or so… Quite annoying…
And there is no easy way to report this on the app…
Hope someone at support looks at it and resolves soon

And I hope there are not any more shares of this kind with a stuck up

Tech team are looking into this, looks like a problem from the data provider.

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Is anyone else having issues with the valuation of assets in their account? My Berkshire Hathaway B shares have dropped in value by 600 in the last couple of hours despite the share price being up today. The valuation has bounced back briefly and then dropped again (I have screen shots from the app). Anyone know what is going on?

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