Best books of 2021

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As the year comes to a close I thought it would be a fun thread for everyone to share a book of two that you’ve read this year that you loved.

  • It’s not limited to books published this year, just one you’ve read in 2021.
  • Any genre or style - The bookshelves are your oyster.
  • Kindle, Paper or Audiobook we’re a broad church
  • It doesn’t have to be English language (Jiman suru jikan @heytokyo & dags att visa upp sig @Kraftskiva)

No pressure, this shouldn’t feel like you’re giving a book report and standing in front of the class just share why you loved it. Don’t forget to link your book so others can find it.



The Devil in the White City - Erik Larson

A nonfiction dual timeline story charting the exploits HH Holmes & Daniel H Burnham. The former is a serial killer while the latter is the chief architect of the 1893 worlds fair. This is a nonfiction but feels like fiction at times, you’ll want to read it before the film produced (and maybe starring) Leo DeCaprio comes out.


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my 2 suggestions:


This is the best book of all time. Just reread it, goosebumps:

Prayer for Owen Meany Prayer for Owen Meany: JohnIrving: Books

This is also the best book ever:

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Everest Disaster Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Everest Disaster: Krakauer, Jon: 8601200579956: Books

But the best book ever is this one:

Rocket Boys: A True Story Rocket Boys: A True Story: Hickam, Homer: 9780008166083: Books

I adore these books and will personally refund you the money if you buy and don’t enjoy…

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The @Andrewpclark recomendation comes with a decent guarantee.

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I started a lot of books this year, didn’t finish many. Although these two come to mind

  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir
  • Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe
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This is on my to-read list. It’s quite a long list and this thread isn’t going to help it get any shorter!

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I’ll put the Billion Dollar Whale out there

A Story about Jay Lho and IMDB - the biggest ever sovereign wealth fund fraud

Billion Dollar Whale: the bestselling investigation into the financial fraud of the century Billion Dollar Whale: the bestselling investigation into the financial fraud of the century: Wright, Tom, Hope, Bradley: 9781912854547: Books


I discovered Joe Abercrombie this year and absolutely loved the First Law series. Brilliant if you like a bit of dark fantasy, his characters are brilliant.


I need to read more fiction tbh. As someone interested in business/entrepreneurship, I read Zero to One - Peter Thiel.

It’s a pretty well-known book with insights on startups and business. I learned a few new ideas, the concepts of different types of monopolies and the benefits of them. Advice for working with teams and just general anecdotes from his experiences. I apply some of the insights to my own work and discuss them with people I know.

If anyone can recommend a similar but different enough type of book, I’d be interested. Someone bought me Principles by Ray Dalio and I’ve read a bit of that.

(I got the hard cover version)

Re-read this

as I got given this

both excellent books. :+1:

About to read this

So as someone who runs a publisher I could recommend quite a few but it would come across as a sales pitch.

Although, aside from our own, Linwood Barclay is my favourite author and read a couple of his. The Promise Falls trilogy is brilliant.

I bought The Presidents’ Daughter but it is such a big book I’m scared it’ll take me months to read.

I tried reading Matt Haigs’ The Midnight Library but didn’t understand the hype, nor do I understand the hype around The Thursday Murder Club books.

What’s the best way to find new books to read or do you have any other advice for readers? :grin:

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I read The Princess Bride by William Goldman this year. (One of the few books I have read this year)

Certainly worth a go for those who remember the film. :crossed_swords:

There’s Treasure Everywhere: Calvin & Hobbes Series

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Great thread!

I have read some trashy Swedish crime novels this year which don’t deserve mentioning, BUT two more serious reads to recommend:

David Graeber - Debt: The First 5000 Years

The name summarises what it’s about pretty well.

2021 Favourite: Liaquat Ahmed - Lords of Finance

Great colour on central banking before and after the First World War, how a hard/gold-backed currency is not a panacea for the problems of fiat and explores the central bankers of the time as individuals. Highly recommended.

For anyone trying to get a read on Finland, try Tuntematon Soitilas (The Unknown Soldier) by Väinö Linna. You can also watch it on Netflix if you use a VPN - though unfortunately only with Finnish or Swedish subtitles…

The book has been translated, e.g.:

You could also pick up a copy of the Kalevala, but I’ve not made it through that yet…

Finally, a book about how inflation is coming for my portfolio:


With a caveat I think you can recommend one or two of your own.

What do you do at the publisher?

I got really into WW2 - Cold War spy books this year. I don’t tend to read ‘heartbreaking’ books but really do need t to broaden my horizons

Great book about the erosion of our health service. One institution which should not fall into private hands

NHS Plc: The Privatisation of Our Health Care by Allyson Pollock


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A few stand outs for me:

The Tattooist of Auschwitz (Heather Morris).
The Girl with All the Gifts (M.R.Carey)
Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)
Sapiens (Yuval Harari)