Best FTSE option?

Following the ‘mini’-budget yesterday, I don’t want to see my holdings continually diminished by FX rates. In the long-term I can see upside potential in new businesses starting up in the UK and higher earners potentially coming over here to take advantage of the removal of the 45% tax band.

My thought process may be entirely off, but what would you advise is the best FTSE tracker on Freetrade? I am not sure which of the FTSE 100/250/350 that I want, but would be interested in people’s feedback.

Many thanks,

Ftse 100 stocks tend to make a large proportion of profits in dollars, which it sounds like you want to avoid, so you probably want to look at a mid-cap ETF and/or a small-cap investment trust.


Translating strong $ sales back into weak £ is the trade to leverage overseas sales ie FTSE 100 GBP.

250/350 lose translation uplift but maintain £ inflation headwinds.