Best way of tracking dividends

Hi everyone!

New to the FT community today so hello all!

I am wondering if anyone has any good software for tracking dividend payments? I currently do it manually through excel and will explain my template below. Just wondering if there is a software package that could do this for me to save time.

I am predominantly a dividend investor so like to know how much each of my individual stocks has paid me in:

  1. Total payment per stock
  2. Payment relative to total investment per stock

I also like to track monthly dividend payments so that I can see that my monthly dividend payments are gradually growing using a 3 month moving average (for all stocks combined).

The dividend tracking system in FT is lacking. That is okay as there are bigger priorities for FT.

My excel template has the following:
-Dividend Yield
-Total investment
-Market value
-Percent increase (market value - total investment) / total investment
-Percentage of portfolio (stock value / total portfolio)
-Expected yearly dividend payment (Total investment x dividend yield)
-Total dividend payment (sum of the dividend payment per stock - I track this using monthly columns)
-Dividend payment relative to investment (total dividend payment / total investment)

This then pulls through to a bar graph showing:

  1. Total dividend payment per stock
  2. Total dividend payment relative to investment per stock

The goal is to quickly track those that have paid me handsomely compared to initial investment, and then I drip funds back into them (keeping the total dividend payment relative to investment below 5%).

The monthly dividend payment columns for all stocks go through to a bar graph with a line of best fit and a 3 month moving average. The goal here is to have a positive correlation over time.

The visual aspect is great, providing reassurance that my portfolio is moving in the right direction. It is hard to track dividends through emails and the activity tab FT provide.

Does anyone have decent dividend tracker software that makes this easier? Or is it a case of excel it for now?

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